Xinja Bank Account

Mobile only. Open an account in seconds. Easy

The Xinja bank account is now available to everyone. We’re starting with the basics, and we are looking forward to working with customers to refine it & tell us what they want so we can make it bloody brilliant.

Xinja Bank Account

How do I open a Xinja bank account?

What to expect

  • All the basics of a bank account & debit card with zero card, account or ATM fees (although the ATM providers may charge a fee – watch out for that!)
  • You can set up Apple Pay and Google Pay from within the app or via their wallets & use them right away – before you get your plastic card.
  • Instant Top Up via a debit card
  • Instantly lock and unlock your card for added peace of mind.
  • Fast, friendly support via in app chat
  • $245K max balance per customer

Great for travel

Zero currency conversion fees and zero international ATM withdrawal fees (although the ATM provider may charge a fee).  Plus you can instantly lock and unlock your card in the app and see the transaction amount in both currencies.

Rest assured

Like any other bank in Australia, It’s 100% safe as Xinja Bank is covered by the FCS (Financial Claims Scheme) so your money is protected by the Government up to $250,000.

Terms & conditions

For the nitty-gritty, read these in full here .

Want more info?

Some frequently asked questions on this are:

  1. Does Xinja have PayID?
  2. Do you offer joint accounts, accounts linked to SMSFs and / or family trusts? 
  3. Does the Xinja bank account have any fees?
  4. Does my bank account pay interest?
  5. How much can I deposit into the bank account?
  6. When do I get my statements?
  7. All Bank Account FAQs 


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