Xinja Bank, Mastercard® Uber Eats healthcare workers offer – Terms & Conditions

What is the offer?

Healthcare workers who are Xinja Bank customers are eligible for free delivery for all Uber Eats orders made and delivered in from 25 June to 22 July 2020, up to a limit of 2,500 customers in total (offers are provided on a ‘first come first served’ basis).

The products and services purchased to enter this promotion are provided solely by independent third parties that use the Uber platform, and Mastercard accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with such products and services.

Who is the offer from?

Xinja Bank Ltd (‘Xinja’) Level 18, 77 King Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 – ACN 618 937 054

Mastercard® Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd, 3 Fraser Street, DUO Tower, Level 17, Singapore 189352

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

How do you qualify for the offer? 

  • You need to be a Xinja Debit Mastercard customer and a healthcare worker in Australia
  • You need to provide your AHPRA number, healthcare profession and email address via this form (the ‘request form’)
  • The email address you provide must be the email you registered with Xinja
  • Once you’ve received your Uber Eats promo code from Xinja, you need to input this the next time you make an Uber Eats order
  • You must only enter the code once (it can only be used on one Uber Eats account)
  • You must pay for your Uber Eats orders with your Xinja Debit Mastercard to qualify for the free delivery
  • You can only input one offer code for this offer (there is a limit of one offer code per eligible person)
  • You must be within the first 2,500 Xinja customers successfully applying for the offer (there is a maximum number of 2,500 offer codes available)
  • Free delivery applies for each Uber Eats order you place from 25 June to 22 July 2020

How do you get the offer? 

  • Once you have completed the form as described above, and your details have been validated, you will receive an email (this could take a few days to arrive) containing the offer code which you should input with your next Uber Eats order (you only need to enter it once)
  • You need to pay for your Uber Eats orders with your Xinja Debit Mastercard.
  • The promo code will then apply an amount up to the value of the delivery fee as a promotion for each order you place from 25 June to 22 July 2020.
  • The promo code is only valid for orders in Australia where the Uber Eats app is available.
  • Additional fees apart from the delivery fee, may apply, and you are liable to pay these additional fees
  • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Uber Eats promotion

What’s the timeframe? 

This offer is valid for any Uber Eats orders made (using the offer code and a Xinja Debit Mastercard) from 25 June to 22 July 2020.

Can an offer request be refused or an offer withdrawn? 

  • Uber Eats may at their discretion refuse to provide a code or cancel an existing code if we have reason to believe these terms and conditions are being breached.
  • A promo code will not be replaced if lost
  • Furthermore, if the code is entered into more than one Uber Eats account, it will automatically be rejected the second time it is entered.
  • If 2,500 offer codes for this offer have already been awarded, then your offer request will be refused (offers are provided on a ‘first come first served’ basis up to a maximum of 2,500 codes).

What about my privacy?

We’ll keep a record of the fact that you have requested a code (submitted the ‘request form’), been validated or failed validation, and a record of the code you have received, for the purposes of managing the offer and ensuring only one offer code is provided per eligible person. For more on privacy and data protection generally please see our privacy policy about privacy at

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