What would you do with 15 mins?

What would you do with 15 mins?

Our payments system will have 15 mins of downtime this Sunday. What would you do with 15 mins?

For 2 windows of 15 mins between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM this coming Sunday 15th March, we’re doing some scheduled testing and upgrades of our payments system and during those times you WON’T be able to

  1. spend more than $250 across all your transactions
  2. do more than 4 transactions in total
  3. do card transactions POS (instore) that require a PIN (so need to be less than $100)
  4. activate or lock your card in the Xinja app
  5. change your PIN
  6. add or remove Google Pay or Apple Pay from the Xinja app
  7. withdraw cash from ATMs

We’re really sorry about these limitations, but it got us thinking, What would you do with 15 minutes of downtime? If someone gave you 15 minutes when you could do ANYTHING, what would it be? Here are some of our suggestions:

Get money

Get busy

  • Write that email. You know the one…
  • Stretch
  • Walk the dog (or watch some excellent dog memes on Bored Panda)
  • Call your mother
  • Build your brain (for instance by starting the Calm Challenge)
  • Play the guitar
  • Tidy your workspace (or watch some Workspace porn on Pinterest)
  • Read a chapter of your book

Get lucky… 

You know what to do… :awesome:

Please give us your ideas, and the best one gets a prize and 15 minutes of fame! Jump to the forum for your suggestions.


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