Media Release:
Xinja Bank withdraws deposit accounts and will hand back ADI licence

Xinja Bank has today announced its plans to withdraw its Transaction and Savings account products and return its ADI licence.

“After a year marked by COVID 19 and an increasingly difficult capital-raising environment, and following a review of the market in Australia, Xinja has decided to withdraw the bank account and Stash (savings) account and cease being a bank. This was an incredibly hard decision”, Xinja said. “We hope to refocus the business in other areas such as our US share trading product, Dabble, should circumstances allow.”

Xinja is already safely executing the return of customers’ deposits, which will continue over the next couple of weeks. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is closely monitoring Xinja’s return of deposits to ensure that funds are returned in an orderly and timely manner.

Under the terms of the product, Xinja is giving its customers the required 7-day notice before closing the Stash Account and will be encouraging them to transfer any funds out of bank accounts as soon as possible. The Xinja App and support teams will be available to help customers make the transition during this period.

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+61 402 256 576

You can download this press release as a PDF here.


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