The Australian:
Supratim Adhikari on the future of Xinja

The Australian: Supratim Adhikari on the future of Xinja

Eric Wilson discusses the future of ‘neobanks’ with Supratim Adhikari from the Australian. According to Eric, building a neobank isn’t just about providing digital services but also about remaining completely independent to the traditional operators.

“What we do is rethink how financial services are built, and there’s no ownership by any incumbent. We are happy to earn less money per customer than any other bank in the market because our job is to get people out of debt as quickly as possible”.

“The key driver for why someone would sign up to a neobank is how comfortable they are using a mobile phone and how aware they are about what’s happening with their money,”

Read the full article here. (Please note, The Australian uses a paywall, so subscription is required).

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