The AFR:
Edmund Tadros on Data Consent

The AFR: Edmund Tadros on Data Consent

In his recent article, Edmund Tadros quotes our very own Van Le at the AFR summit on Tuesday:

“I think our first obligation is to ensure that customer consent is there [to use their data]; a genuinely proactive ‘yes’, not a ‘yes’ by default, not a ‘yes’ because I don’t have the time to tick the box to say ‘no’,”

Another panel member, Hugh Bradlow, former chief scientist at Telstra, said the people behind businesses that fail to protect data should be jailed. Tadros added that the Cambridge Analytica scandal had raised awareness of data privacy concerns but at the risk of causing consumers to become too worried about the downside of sharing data.

Conversely, some panel members raised the issue of over-reaction to the tracking of data, with many over-estimating the nefariousness of data tracking.

“So you’ve got to balance your risk and reward. And I just think that people get irrational about these things. They think if they are being tracked it’s automatically bad, and most of it is completely innocent.” – Belinda Gibson, a non-executive director at Ausgrid,

Van and the rest of the panel’s comments come amid a range of data misuse and hacks that have made headlines around the world, including the misuse of Facebook data by Cambridge Analytica, and, in Australia, the hacks of HR tech platform PageUp and the Red Cross Blood Service.

Read the full article here. (please note the AFR has a paywall)

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