Xinja emails get maximum security score

Xinja emails get maximum security score

Email. It is hard to imagine life without it. Although invented back in the seventies, it became mainstream in the nineties. Unlike overalls and bandanas, it remained popular until this day. So popular in fact, that spam and so called ‘spoofing’ has become a real threat on the internet. This is how Xinja keeps their emails super secure. Warning: this gets a little nerdy….

Mark the DMARC

You can’t be secure without a good acronym…. DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance and is an email authentication protocol. It gives domain owners like us the ability to protect our domain from ‘spoofers’ – people trying to pretend to send emails from this domain. Spoofing is a popular tool for phishing, scams and identity theft.


To avoid having legitimate emails blocked, Xinja implemented DMARC step by step. Our Chief Information Security Officer, Jean-Baptiste Bres, explains: “In the first phase we monitored all the different systems that were sending emails as Xinja and then we started to mark those that we didn’t allow as spam and we whitelisted the ones that were OK. In the second phase we started blocking everything except for our whitelist.”

Guarded by UpGuard

To maintain our high level of security, Xinja has partnered with Aussie success story UpGuard. This cybersecurity startup uses a resilience supervisor that integrates checks into every step of our technology lifecycle whilst continuously assessing for risk factors and process vulnerabilities. UpGuard created a risk ranking system for email security, on which Xinja was one of the few to reach the maximum score of 950 out of 950. You can read UpGuard’s case study on Xinja here.

“Xinja was one of the few to reach the maximum score of 950 out of 950.”

– UpGuard

First class security built in from day 1

This is another example of security infrastructure Xinja has been building in as it goes, following on from the highest levels of PCI-DSS compliance, and being the first Aussie bank to pre-load HSTS (for all you nerds out there….).


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