Secret lives of Xinjas:


We think it’s important to really get to know our Xinja work comrades; unpack what they’re really into – as you never know where that hobby might come in handy when you’re designing and building a bank.

In this series, we bring you the secret lives of Xinjas; an exploration of what rocks their world. We introduce our beer loving engineer Sourabh, aka #designiotaxinja.

Did you know that one gram of DNA can store 36 million copies of Avengers Endgame? – #designiotaxinja

What is your Xinja name and what do you do at Xinja?

My Xinja name is #designiotaxinja. Iota is actually an imaginary number in mathematics, just under the root of minus 1. It’s because of my love for mathematics. I’m the mobile engineering lead at Xinja.

What are you most proud of working at Xinja?

I am proud of so many things! I think something that comes on top would be the freedom to express yourself exactly how you are. Also you’re hardly ever being told “you can’t do this”. The acceptance for crazy is pretty high; I’m super proud of it.

We hire Xinjas with a voracious learning mindset. What is the latest thing you’ve read, heard or seen that blew your mind?

There’s this powerhouse museum in Tokyo. It’s a light installation based museum. I was walking alongside a wall and there was a projection of a lion which was walking in parallel with me and when I looked at it, it looked back at me! It’s insane the kind of things engineering can do.

What future technology or trend excites you the most?

Probably bioengineering; did you know that one gram of DNA can store 215 petabytes of data? That means 36 million copies of Avengers endgame in one gram of DNA!

How would you describe your relationship with money?

It’s weird. What me and my wife do is every time we get into a very comfortable situation we do something to make it a little bit more uncomfortable. Because then you push yourself a little harder.

Confession time – what do you waste money on?

I bought this fridge which I can knock on and it does this light thing, you know it lights up and it shows me the stuff inside. Just because of that knock functionality, I ended up paying like two grand more than what I would have. Makes no sense at all…

Halo time – what’s the best thing you’ve spent money on?

Japanese and Scotch whiskey Tumbler Glass on Apple iOS 13.3

If you weren’t at Xinja, what would you be doing?

If I weren’t a software engineer… I think I would either be brewing my beers in some garage or I would be a mathematics teacher.

What is your weekend hobby

See I get distracted very easily and I’m also guilty of putting like my ten fingers into ten different jars so it’s never one I’m always doing, it’s more like ten different things. Currently I’m studying a lot on mind mapping, so for instance, you can give me ten random things and I’ll be able to remember them forwards and backwards.



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