Secret Lives of the Xinjarati

Secret Lives of the Xinjarati

We think it’s important to really get to know our Xinja work comrades; unpack what they’re really into – as you never know where that hobby or passion might come in handy when you’re designing and building a bank.
In this post, we bring you the secret lives of the Xinjarati-our amazing customer support team. Here we’ll explore the personalities behind the headsets & keyboards of Xinja Bank.

Annabelle #bakingxinja

I’m Annabelle! I’m originally from the UK, and I’ve been at Xinja for about 6 months. If you’ve spoken to me on the phone – I’m the one with the royal accent!

As a bit of a psychology nerd (my undergrad and masters degree topic), I’m obsessed with Derren Brown’s work (mentalist & illusionist) – I absolutely love his books “tricks of the mind” – an insight into the structure and psychology of magic and “Happy” – which explores some common misconceptions about happiness. I’ve also been to several of his live stage shows in London, which are mind blowing!

Outside of working at Xinja I love to bake. I run a side hustle at @cakes_by_annabelle and sell my baked creations locally in Sydney.

Harrison #magnumxinja

When I had a moustache I looked eerily similar to Magnum P.I, which is why I’m #magnumxinja. A future technology that excited me the most is Semiconductor technology… We’re very close to seeing the end of ‘Moore’s Law’, which means that computer chip transistors are getting as small as they can physically get using silicon materials. One of the more promising solutions to this is switching to graphite and making CPU’s with Carbon Nano Tubes.

*(if that was lost on you, don’t worry. We don’t understand Harrison either).

Kowen #coffeexinja

In case you’re wondering, my bodyweight is usually 90% coffee. Hence why I am #coffeexinja.
When I’m not hard at work I usually like to rock climb, play guitar and hang out with friends. I’m also into writing stories and my latest project involves trying to teach my cat French.
If I wasn’t working at Xinja, I’d be juggling my human rights law career, designing a new habitat on Mars and finishing up my fifth novel, but I understand I currently have a higher calling!

Lauren #summerxinja

I’ve grown up on Sydney’s northern beaches. I love going on adventures, cooking and recently I’ve gotten into growing my own herbs and veggies at home! During my spare time, I love practising yoga and travelling. I’m planning on completing a yoga retreat overseas as soon as it’s possible again. The biggest thing I waste money on is avocado toast and expensive skincare. I’m guilty of being a cliche millennial! The best thing I’ve spent money on is travelling, I’ve never regretted a trip! They’re priceless experiences that will last a lifetime.

Mathew #adrenalinexinja

As the name suggests, I love all things action sports. I’m also crazy about Japanese culture and have lived in 6 different countries!

Despite working for a bank, my relationship with money is warped… my personal values exceed my value of a dollar. I find more value in the happiness a dollar can cause than the accumulation. Making someone’s year or making someone’s day; that’s what money is for! Me with money doing what I can to those without or with very little. That makes me extremely happy.

Ricardo #sixstringxinja

I moved to Australia permanently a few months ago from the USA, and have been loving my time at Xinja! Like Annabelle, if you’ve spoken with me over the phone via the help centre – I’m the one with the accent that sounds like he’s from that new series you’re watching on Netflix.

When I’m not trying to manage the five personalities you’ve read about just above, I love playing guitar and making Mexican food. Aside from my wife and son, tacos are my OTP (one true pairing).

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