Say hello to Stash – quick & easy savings with a 2.25% interest rate

Say hello to Stash – quick & easy savings with a 2.25% interest rate

Please note, Xinja is not opening any new Stash accounts at the moment. We will be reviewing this in April and are hoping to offer new Stash accounts in a couple of months. For our blog on why we’ve paused please click here.  

We’re pumped to announce the launch of Stash, our high interest savings account linked to your Xinja bank account. Simple saving via the app. Open a Xinja bank account and in seconds get access to your Stash. Easy as.

Juicy deets

  • Earn 2.25% interest on balances up to $245K with no strings
  • No intro period
  • No min deposits / payments
  • Instant setup via Mobile App
  • Quickly stash what you can spare from your daily spending

How to get Stashing

  • If you haven’t already, open a Xinja bank account in minutes 😊
  • Once your account is set up, it’ll take seconds to open your Stash

“We’re using the best new technology to make banking fun – complete with pirate ships and treasure chests! We want Aussies to make better choices so they can get ahead and make more out of their money.” – Eric Wilson, CEO & Founder, Xinja Bank

Even juicier deets 🍊

  • Stash accounts have their own BSB and account number so you can easily transfer from your Xinja bank account or from any other bank account to your Stash
  • Have your salary deposited directly into your Stash to make it go further
  • Interest will be calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Deposits up to $250,000 are guaranteed by the Australian government

We think it’s pretty cool but you be the judge.

Go stuff your Stash!

Have a read of our Terms & Conditions.
Check out our Stash FAQs.
See the full Stash media release.

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