Xinja Bank App Release Notes – version 1.5

Xinja Bank App Release Notes – version 1.5

Lots of fixes, backend hardening (sounds painful 🙂 and we’ve made the launch animation much faster on iOS (was annoying) but also we’ve redone the sign out/back in process in Android (will follow in iOS) so it’s MUCH simpler.

1.5 Android

We’ve reworked secure sign-out with ‘double-tap’ to sign out plus added a security section in settings specifically:

  • New: “SIGN OUT” button in settings page – email validation no longer required – re-authenticate via passcode or biometrics
  • New: “Security” section in settings.
  • Biometric toggle
  • Easy Double-Tap-To-Signout
  • “Deregister Device” securely signs user out & deregisters device (required to go through email validation again)
  • New: Redesigned Sign Up / Sign In screen

1.5 iOS

So we’ve reworked the app launch animation & loading times to be faster plus fixed a few bits specifically:

  • Improved the app launch animation and loading times
  • Fixed: Smoother Xinja switch toggle animation
  • Fixed: Misaligned text on Home screen icons
  • Fixed: Crash on app launch affecting just a few users
  • New: Redesigned Sign Up / Sign In screen
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