Xinja Bank App Release Notes – version 1.4

Xinja Bank App Release Notes – version 1.4

Most of you have hopefully updated to the most recent app update that is Xinja 1.4, if not, what are you waiting for?!

Most exciting (we think) of the new features is that Round Up has landed, after a serious cacophony of requests for it! Now you can save without even noticing. Set it to round up transactions to nearest $1 or $5 straight into Stash. Easy.

Read more about Round Up on the blog dedicated to it here.There’s a bunch of other little tweaks and changes we made too.

App release notes below ⤵️


1.4 iOS

  • New feature: Round-up – set automatic round-ups to the nearest $1 or $5 into your Stash account for painless saving
  • Handy feature horizontal scroll on home screen
  • Pay & Transfer Menu is now a bit snappier
  • Bank Account card on the home screen now won’t scroll left or right
  • Fixed: Sometimes you get logged out entirely when you open the app with a poor or no internet connection
  • Fixed: We now accept old-school 7-digit TFNs
  • Fixed: Sometimes after providing a TFN or exemption reason, it continues to say Not Provided
  • Fixed: Stash Account does not load older transactions
  • Fixed: When you try to add a payee you previously added, we’ll give you a warning that makes a bit more sense

1.4 Android

  • New feature: Round-up
  • Handy horizontal scroll on home screen
  • Better layout on “Stash – Learn More” screen
  • After card lock, change PIN button consumes less of screen.
  • BSB now appears on Send Money Summary
  • Keyboard now shows properly if incorrect passcode entered.
  • You can now transfer > $99,999 between Stash & Transaction accounts.


Have a read of our updated Terms & Conditions which now include details about Round-up.

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