Xinja tales:
Victoria the jeweller

Xinja tales: Victoria the jeweller

We like to understand what really makes our customers tick. Often they tell us their stories, which can be quirky and unexpected. We thought it would be fun to share. Introducing Victoria the jeweller.. 

If the sky was the limit Xinja could have: “ambassadors tasked with visiting schools to teach young people about money, its management, limitations and benefits.” – Victoria

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I am Victoria White, a one-woman dynamo, mad scientist, designer, & maker. Coming from an Art History background, my love for art, the history of man, pretty shiny things have all came together too manifest in the form you see before you. At 52, I behave like a teenager, I still have the energy (hyperactive) and curiosity (aka attention span of a goldfish) to take charge of life. I run around like a blue arsed fly and am flexible enough to learn the interesting lessons it provides.

Tell us something unexpected about you?

I am a super recogniser. I never forget a face.

In one sentence, how would you describe your relationship with money?

Time is my most valuable commodity, I can always make money, I can’t make time.

Confession time: what do you waste money on?

I wouldn’t say I waste money. I will get new materials I don’t normally work in, or stones I don’t normally use and stockpile them, sometimes for years.

Halo time: what’s the best thing you’ve spent money on?

My Holiday in 2015-it is when I started my Silversmithing journey.

How did you find out about xinja? Why did you choose xinja?

I googled online banking. I chose Xinja well, due to the perspective they took to banking.

If sky’s the limit, what would xinja create?

A workshop centre and ambassadors tasked with visiting schools to teach young people about money, its management, limitations and benefits. A Xinja bus, for events to handout prepaid loaded cards. A co-working space for entrepreneurs. Monthly guest speakers who offer a variety of insight on leadership, money management, lifestyle, creativity, all manner of topics. Xinja collectable dolls!

Personalisation matters to us. What are little touches that would make your day?

Proper coffee with cookies.

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If you’d like to share your xinja story email [email protected] with the subject #xinjatales


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