Xinja tales:
Rebecca the Zookeeper

Xinja tales: Rebecca the Zookeeper

We like to understand what really makes our customers tick. Often they tell us their stories, which can be quirky and unexpected. We thought it would be fun to share. Introducing Rebecca the Zookeeper. 

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I’m a Zookeeper with a passion for native Australian fauna. I started my journey in animal care at a rescue shelter helping surrendered dogs and cats. I was then lucky enough to land my dream job as a Zookeeper. I have a job I love which also enables me to inspire and educate others about our amazing wildlife and environment every day. When I’m not at work I am busy running around after my very cheeky one-year-old daughter and also trying to squeeze in as many holidays as possible.

Tell us something unexpected about you?

I’ve handraised a quokka joey whose mum couldn’t care for her. She was like my baby. She went everywhere with me in a satchel bag that felt like the safety of her mother’s pouch and kept me up all night drinking milk from a tiny bottle.

In one sentence, how would you describe your relationship with money?

I don’t like parting with it unless it’s for a good reason; I really enjoy seeing the bank balance going up!

Confession time: what do you waste money on?

Headbands for my baby… she has barely any hair so clearly doesn’t need them!

Halo time: what’s the best thing you’ve spent money on?

Holidays. My husband and I have always tried to do an overseas holiday every two years and small Aussie based holidays in between. We love travelling and making amazing memories in new places. We save money as much as possible to then spend it on travelling the world.

How did you find out about xinja? Why did you choose xinja?

Word of mouth. When there is an Australian company doing great things, word spreads! And I’m glad it did.

If sky’s the limit, what would xinja create?

A way to teach me about money. I earn it and I spend it but I don’t really understand my potential or how I can achieve the best results for my family’s future. Maybe events with guest speakers or even just a good, personalised budgeting app.

Personalisation matters to us. What are little touches that would make your day?

Different colours or designs for your card would be a nice touch.

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