Xinja tales:
Nik the pilot in training

Xinja tales: Nik the pilot in training

We like to understand what really makes our customers tick. Often they tell us their stories, which can be quirky and unexpected. We thought it would be fun to share. Introducing Nik the pilot in training…

“Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money ” –  Nik

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My name is Nick, I’m 23, and at the moment a nurse and student at UC. Originally from Mauritius, I moved to Australia 4 years ago by myself. I love physics and Aircrafts. I’m an aviation geek, love travelling, music and am a daily gym goer. I also like photography and enjoy some time posing for photographers. I am a hell of a determined human.

Tell us something unexpected about you?

My french is better than my English, even though people can’t really tell I speak french, and I am working towards becoming a commercial pilot, very soon!

In one sentence, how would you describe your relationship with money?

Money isn’t everything, but everything needs money. Money can stop you from chasing dreams, like it did 4 years ago for me. High school graduate, enrolled in one of the largest flying schools in Quebec, had to drop out because I didn’t have money to fund my training. I know right, took me a year to recover, literally from hiding in my room and depressed.

Confession time: what do you waste money on?

I like food, clothes, and protein Haha, oh and colognes… I live for colognes.

Halo time: what’s the best thing you’ve spent money on?

That would be a cologne, or a plane ticket.

How did you find out about xinja? Why did you choose xinja?

I have been with xinja for quite a while now! I don’t follow trends and people, never did and never will. I wanted to create my own trend, hence after searching for long, found xinja. I’d marry your staff members ❤💁‍♂️

If sky’s the limit, what would xinja create?

Weirdly, having sky in this… I guess it would be student loans, in the following years. My dream shattered because I couldn’t afford my education. I feel really sad when this happens to someone, so yay Study Loans! Oh, and credit cards winning flying points with airlines.

Personalisation matters to us. What are little touches that would make your day?

Seeing my face on your ads. Haha I would love it. Oh, and I want a debit card with a plane on it, when the bank opens, please. 

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If you’d like to share your xinja story email [email protected] with the subject #xinjatales


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