Xinja tales:
Nate & Liz

Xinja tales: Nate & Liz

We like to understand what really makes our customers tick. Often they tell us their stories. We thought it would be fun to share. Introducing the cheeky couple: Nate and Liz

My dad is a financial advisor, enough said.” – Liz

Write a xinja profile, like a tinder profile or back story 😉 in 500 characters or less

Nate: We’re a family of four with a 1 year old and a rescued 12 year old fur baby. I was born in Adelaide and I’ve lived in almost every state and territory over the years. I run a brand management business, The Shiny Group.

Liz: I originally hail from sunny California. I help keep Nate running, look after a rambunctious 2 foot monster and keep everything on an even keel.

Tell us something unexpected about you?

Nate: I was a finalist for the 2010 Young Australian of the Year

Liz: When I was 21 and just graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing & Communication, I decided I didn’t want to get a real job anymore. So instead, I went to Australia on an unpaid internship and met Nate, my 23-year-old CEO. That was 10 years ago and the rest is history.

In one sentence, how would you describe your relationship with money?

Nate: Money is a necessary evil that we love and hate in equal parts

Liz: My dad is a financial advisor, enough said.

Confession time: what do you waste money on?

Nate: I am shocking with hardware and software for the business

Liz: Baby clothes. I’ve never met a Seed Baby sale that let me down.

Halo time: what’s the best thing you’ve spent money on?

Nate: My MacBook – it keeps the business going.

Liz: Plane tickets.

How did you find out about xinja? Why did you choose xinja?

Nate: I think I came across Xinja thanks to a sponsored ad on Facebook and the more I looked into it, the more I liked what Xinja stands for, what it is attempting to do and the amazing customer service (shout out to Xinjarati!).

Liz: My hubby. I saw a pretty bright pink card on his desk and it spoke to me. He told me about it, so I looked more into before we traveled back to California for Christmas hoping it would be better suited for us and save us some $$$ on fees and it did! So happy we joined up. The service has been incredible and the app is user friendly.

Money is a necessary evil that we love and hate in equal parts.”

– Nate

If sky’s the limit, what would xinja create?

Nate: Business banking that allows me to track upcoming bills and associate transactions/expenses to clients all within my banking app. I would still need Xero but it would be great on the run to only have to look at one app. Plus Apple Pay.

Liz: Rewards points that could be redeemed for tacos.

Personalisation matters to us. What are little touches that would make your day?

Nate: You are pretty much leading the market so not sure to be honest – if I think of something I will let you know 🙂

Liz: You already did. You sent us chocolate. .

Describe yourself in a hashtag

Nate: #inspiteofnotbecauseof

Liz: #yankwifeaussielife


If you’d like to share your xinja story email [email protected] with the subject #xinjatales


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