High life for less:
frugal grooming

High life for less: frugal grooming

Through our High life for less series, we look at how to enjoy the richness of life without an abundance of riches. We looked into dating, Christmas and travel. Another regular spend item that costs us is beauty and grooming services. We’re all into looking and feeling great, so this time we’re looking into it. So how can we invest in our appearance without breaking the bank?


So what do Australians spend on their looks overall?

According to a study done by mozo, Australian men are spending an average of $125 a month on looks and women are spending an average of $167 a month on their looks. According to a recent article, WA women spend anywhere from $5000 to $10,000 a year on what are classified as essential beauty services. As a whole, Aussies spend about $32 billion a year on their appearance.

“It should be news to no one that keeping up appearances… can be expensive.”

Erin Cook – Harper’s Bazaar

So how can you get that look without spending big?

12 ways to do beauty on a budget


1. Home spa nights

Using homemade masks or store-bought treatments are much cheaper and even more fun with your mates. Also, consider home waxes or painting your own nails at home. There are now more options than ever like gel products, nail art stickers & nail powder.

2. Use apprentice beauticians

At beauty schools, most hair and beauty treatments are done by students are a fraction of the price, maybe a fee as little as $2. The student will most likely be extra cautious and the instructor will always have to stand by and supervise. There are also more options in terms of time. For Sydney siders here’s a guide!

3. Buy products online / international

The products are overall cheaper, and with Xinja, 100% of currency conversion fees are refunded. Look into websites like yesstyle, wishtrend, ebay, Lookfantastic.

“And when it comes to appearances it is not just aftershave any more, it is all sorts of cosmetics…” – Social researcher Mark McCrindle

Adelaide Advertiser


4. Better safe than sorry

Switch to a safety razor. It costs more upfront, but if used correctly it will last a lifetime! Especially for people that need to shave often, it’s overall a cheaper investment and your face will thank you.

5. Leave brand names behind

Don’t fall for the brand, buy what works. We know there’s some sort of satisfying feeling when you get iconic brands, but other lines that have less exposure are just as good quality and way cheaper in price.

“…the standards of beauty are being redefined.”

Kirsty Lamont – Mozo Director

6. Consider buying men’s items

(We mean, if you’re a woman or trans….and obviously also if you’re a man….) As we wrote in our piece on ‘The price of being she’ –  there’s a premium price for ‘women’s’ goods, such as razors, clothing, shampoo. Men’s razors and deodorant are usually cheaper and do the exact same job.

7. Opt for simplicity

Use coconut oil or Vaseline as a makeup remover or a basic cleanser. The product lasts longer than wipes / liquid makeup remover, a little bit goes a long way and it’s overall cheaper!

“Every day is Class Picture Day. Every phone is a camera. Every picture, or video, ends up on the Internet. Everyone…can see.”

Jennifer Weiner – NY Times


8. Airbrush, if you must

We don’t airbrush our images. We think we’re just fine the way we are. But if all else fails, Adobe Photoshop’s  (or similar) monthly subscriptions work out much cheaper than beauty products and hairdressing costs plus regular payment makes for easy budgeting 🙂 (Credit: #captainxinja – nb: not entirely serious…..)

9. Deal watch

Always keep an eye out on websites like Groupon for deals on your go-to spas/salons/treatments.  Join a loyalty program. You’ll get a discount here and there, earn prizes and you’ll get some points and that can all help little by little with saving

10. Makeup free days

Going makeup free 2 days a week can actually significantly help your skin. You also end up using less product ultimately saving yourself money.  (Credit: #nan0xinja)

“As a nation, it’s safe to say we’re more invested in our appearance than ever before.” Kirsty Lamont – Mozo Directo

11. Grow a beard

(Just to be clear, talking to the guys now….on the whole) Your daily shaving routine can be a huge cost (with razors, shaving cream, aftershave, moisturiser and a lot of other products), so you can save loads of money by growing a beard. The bearded look is now a lot more accepted by our society. With little purchases like a beard trimmer and beard oil, you’ll be saving a great deal of money. (Credit: #brainyxinja)

13. DIY projects

Make your own deodorant and skincare. One of the best ways to save money is to ‘do it yourself’. Take a look at this article on frugal male-grooming tips to see some easy ways to make your own products.

What do you think? Have you got any other ways to do beauty on a budget? Join the conversation here. Tell us your thoughts and ideas at our forum

Hana King is a Marketing Intern at Xinja.

The content above does not represent any form of advice and Xinja has obviously not considered your individual circumstances in preparing this. It is simply a few thoughts on money to get the conversation started.



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