Xinja launches “Can*t-free banking” campaign

Check out behind the scenes at the shoot of “Can*t-free banking” as Xinjas themselves take part to cock a wee bit of a snook at traditional banking experiences.


Media release:

13 August 2019

SydneyAustralia’s neobank, Xinja Bank, has launched an ad campaign on social networks designed for anyone who is seriously unhappy with their current bank.

The campaign, irreverent, with a twist of cheeky humour, is for those who have too often heard from their own bank “no, we can’t do that.”

Or perversely, anyone who has seen a “can-do” bank ad campaign, only to find the services on offer, or the experience in the branch, does not match the ‘can do’ brand.

Xinja is a brand new, independent bank, and brings to the Australian market banking without old-style and costly IT, branch networks and often opaque outcomes for customers, said Xinja co-founder and CMO Camilla Cooke.

Xinja  was launched just after the federal government announced changes to banking regulations in the 2017 budget, to encourage greater competition in the sector.

Xinja has a restricted banking licence, which means it’s wrapped in the same regulatory mantle as Australia’s Big Four banks. It is as safe as the Big Four; like any bank, it is part of the Financial Claims Scheme that protects deposits up to $250,000.  It is app based, 100% digital, and its prepaid travel card – devoid of Xinja-imposed ATM fees and refunding all foreign exchange fees – was quickly taken up, and has been used in over 70 countries. It actively seeks out customers’ views and involvement to help build bank features.

“We aren’t here to deliver digital banking but to redesign banking altogether,” said Ms Cooke, who added Xinja was founded on a mantra of making banking transparent, easy, and using technology to help people make the right decisions about their money.

“We want to help people make more out of their money,” she said. “The campaign “Can*t-free banking” is aligned to this mission.”

Xinja Bank is an independent, 100% digital neobank for Australians, designed for mobile. Our customers are used to doing everything on their phone, quickly and seamlessly, she said.

Two Mad Cowboys (TMC) created the social media campaign for Xinja. The campaign is designed to reach a millennial audience, but really, anyone who is tired of what their bank is not offering them.

“Trust in the big four banks is at an all-time low,” Ms Cooke said. “Our target audience feels like it’s profit first and customers a distant second. The Royal Commission unearthed egregious behaviour. There are a lot of ‘can’ts’ around managing money, from bureaucratic red-tape, to oppressive terms and conditions. We won’t be part of that.”

Xinja Bank has extended its reach outside traditional banking in other ways: it launched Australia’s first equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign to raise funds via an intermediary and has raised more through ECF than any other Australian company. 

Xinja set up platforms to collect customer feedback, almost as soon as the bank opened for business. “We want to build a bank that meets our customers’ needs,” Ms Cooke said. “The best way to do that was to get in front of them as much as possible, in as many ways as possible.”

The social campaign uses a range of social media formats, including Instagram stories, looping gifs, instream videos and sponsored posts. The campaign is unapologetically irreverent, and helps position Xinja Bank as a refreshingly straightforward alternative to traditional banks.

“The country has had a bit of a wake-up call about the banking model and we wanted to do something to signal that things are changing, that Xinja offers an alternative approach,” Ms Cooke said.

Two Mad Cowboys Creative Partner Matt Sterne said: “We had a lot of fun tapping into the frustrations people have with banks, using the simple idea of a wordplay construct to suggest how we all really feel about the Big Four.”

The teaser campaign is running this month, with a major brand launch expected to follow in October amplifying the Xinja Bank offering.

Xinja Bank:

  •         Is 100% independent and 100% digital, designed for mobile
  •         Was granted a RADI December 2018, and has applied for a full banking licence
  •         Has raised over $5M through two rounds of equity crowd-funding – more than any other company in Australia.
  •         A further $45M has been raised from private investors across the world
  •        It has appointed futurist Brett King as an advisor to the board. Mr King was an advisor to the Obama White House             on banking
  •       And has appointed Thomas Vikstrom, a former senior Tesla engineer, to the Xinja Board

All creative from the “can’ts” campaign can be viewed at this link

For further information please call:

Michelle Innis

P&L Corporate Communications

61 2 9231 5411

61 414 999 693

You can download Xinja’s full press release as a PDF here.

XINJA™ (Xinja Bank Limited ACN 618 937 054) is authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to operate under a Restricted Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (RADI) licence until 16th December 2020. Under this licence we are not required to meet the full ADI prudential framework. We will only offer bank accounts to the general public when we become a full ADI. You can still apply for other Xinja products. More information about Xinja’s RADI licence is available at


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