Secret lives of Xinjas:
xinjacub & wafflexinja

Secret lives of Xinjas: xinjacub & wafflexinja

We think it’s important to really get to know our xinja work comrades; unpack what they’re really into – as you never know where that hobby might come in handy when you’re designing and building a bank.

In this series, we bring you the secret lives of Xinjas; an exploration of what rocks their world. We introduce this fresh duo #xinjacub Harrison and #wafflexinja Rebecca.

On money it’s “in and out like a flash – #xinjacub

What is your Xinja name and what do you do at Xinja?

Harrison: #xinjacub, Intern – a little bit of everything and anything. Basically anything the deputy CEO & xinjas need.

Rebecca: #wafflexinja – I’m the office manager, cheerleader, concierge, snack supplier & general marshall of all office related things. And I waffle a little bit 😉

What are you most proud of working at Xinja?

Harrison: Helping Xinja bring in the most talented people to reach our growth potential and bring our customers the service and products we promised.

Rebecca: That we will be changing our customers lives for the better! If you’re not trying to make the world a better place, what are you doing?

We hire Xinjas with a voracious learning mindset. What is the latest thing you’ve read, heard or seen that blew your mind?

Harrison: Simon Sinek, “The Law of Attraction, the Influence of the Subconscious Mind.”

“When you compete against everyone else, no one wants to help you. But when you compete against yourself, everyone wants to help you.”
– Simon Sinek

Rebecca: I love love love watching documentaries about anything and everything. The most recent one I watched was a short form about the myths of the Stonewall riots. Did you know a Rockette’s style kick line was formed by protestors in front of the police?

What future technology or trend excites you the most?

Harrison: Robots – Anything to get out of cooking and cleaning

Rebecca: I will never give up hope for flying cars, if only to avoid Sydney peak hour. But any technology that will help society’s most vulnerable in a truly meaningful way is going to be amazing.

How would you describe your relationship with money?

Harrison: In and out like a flash.

Rebecca: Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets.

Confession time – what do you waste money on?

Harrison: Food – I just love Uber eats

Rebecca: Uber Eats – just this once. Every time.

Halo time – what’s the best thing you’ve spent money on?

Harrison: My ticket to Australia, for the experience of a lifetime.

Rebecca: My trip to Mexico last year – the ancient culture of the Mayan people is truly breathtaking.

If you weren’t at Xinja, what would you be doing?

Harrison: Playing golf and pulling pints at Coogee Pavillion.

Rebecca: Volunteering at a turtle sanctuary in Mexico in between naps and margaritas on the beach.

On money it’s “spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets.” – #wafflexinja

What is your weekend hobby

Harrison: Playing rugby for Randwick followed by celebrating the win or drowning out the disappointment with my mates at Coogee Pavillion.

Rebecca: I love going to see live music, the louder the better. Repeat watchings of any Fremulon production are also a must. Parks and Recreation is my OTP (one true pairing)

If you were to get a tattoo, what would it say or what would the image be?

Harrison: “Sorry mum”, she wouldn’t be too happy

Rebecca: A flowering cactus, to represent that even in the harshest conditions beauty and life can still exist.


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