How Reece funds his never-ending travels

How Reece funds his never-ending travels

You may have noticed on our socials, one of our customer-Xinjas Reece, has been travelling around the world to some pretty rad places in #xinjatravels! We caught up with him to understand how he’s financing his never-ending travels and thought we’d share. Be prepared to get travel-envy! #antarctic


First you need motivation

Look at travel photos and imagine yourself swimming in the blue ocean, walking through massive mountain passes or strolling along the small cobblestone streets of a quaint little town. This will help you get into a saving mindset. For me, travelling has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in life. It has allowed me to make so many new friends and create the most amazing memories I will never forget.

Pay off your debts and save

Set yourself small savings goals along the way e.g. step 1 pay off your debts, step 2 save for the flights etc. I worked in a government job and the construction industry and saved up as much as I could. If you miss a goal, get inspired by looking at more photos of your trip. #worktotravel

Bank funds from seasonal work whilst travelling

I picked up seasonal work on a farm in Canada during harvest. I saved up as much as I could within a four month period. I saved enough from there to fund trips to Europe, South and Central America, Africa, South East Asia and the Caribbean. There’s always Uber!

If you can live in a remote area of the world to start with

I was given this amazing opportunity to work for the Australian Antarctic division in Antarctica. I not only saw one of the most hard to reach continents in the world but, living in one of the most remote places in the world, I could save money. There really isn’t anything you can spend it on down there. If you can’t live somewhere remote, live like a hermit 😉

Prepare yourself physically and mentally

Being on the road for long periods of time can be tiring. You want to be able to have the stamina to walk all day visiting the must-see attractions.

Join Xinja

With my Xinja prepaid card I have saved upwards of $200 on bank fees this trip alone. It has been my go to card. Whether I am paying for things with card or withdrawing money from an ATM. It has proven to be the best travel money card you can have in your wallet.

(NB: we’re no longer taking applications for the prepaid card BUT the Xinja bank account – which we hope to launch in a few months subject to receiving regulatory approval – will have all the travel features of the prepaid card, and much more. Join the waitlist by emailing [email protected])

Happy and safe travels 🙂


Reece is a customer of Xinja & self-confessed adventure enthusiast.


If you’re xinja-ing around the world and have some tips to share on managing money whilst you travel, join the conversation here.

The content above does not represent any form of advice and Xinja or Reece have obviously not considered your individual circumstances in preparing this. It is simply a few thoughts on money to get the conversation started.


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