Zero to frugal:
Diary of an overspender pt. 2

Zero to frugal: Diary of an overspender pt. 2

The Journey Begins.

So my new Xinja card came,

$100 seemed like a good amount to try it out with. Also felt like a good time to start one of these spend-limiting exercises, right?

Set yourself a spend goal, and stick to it no matter what.

“I’ll make this pay for lunch for the next two weeks… yeah, you go Frugal Max!”

McDonalds had an offer on the MyMaccas app; buy one grand mac, get a big mac free. Frugal Max wins again. Two burgers for lunch and only $7 poorer. (Skipped the fries because I’m also Healthy Max atm).

Jokes I totally got the fries are you kidding me 😂 who eats a big mac on it’s own. Psychopaths, that’s who.

Ok so it was $9.45 with chips and a drink but it was still a good lunch deal. Quinoa salad is about $52 so don’t even get my started on ‘healthy’ food vendors. That’s like 8 blogs away.

Pull up the Xinja app, one hour in, $9.45 down. Not bad.

I have some kind of moist devil virus at the moment, so had to get some meds around 3pm. I had already bought some the night before, but I’m a feverish idiot who left them on the table at home. Chemist brand Citrizine, $5 flat.

Check Xinja…three hours down, $14.45 in the hole.

Que rain stage left, of course, because why wouldn’t it rain when I don’t have an umbrella.

What’s another $6.99 for a one-time use travel umbrella? (One-time in the sense that as soon as I get home it’ll be thrown on the elephant bone graveyard that is my umbrella bin. )

Home time, what’s that flashing red sign say?

“The M20 is running hourly services”

Checks watch. Leaves super grumpy boi comment on STA Facebook page.

A raining Sydney wreaks havoc on the public transport, so that wasn’t something I was interested in. $17 Uber home.

That makes $46.45 in 7 hours.

Here’s the thing though right; a lot of those costs were random, and I’m still going to try and push that $100 as far as I can go. I think the key here will be perseverance, and not letting ol’rainy Sydney get me down with her gratuitous living costs.

I’ll be real with you here because I know a lot of you are in my shoes, I’ve been making 6 figures feel like 4 figures for like 2 years now, and it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not a single bad habit to break, but an octopus habit controlled by the desire for bulk convenience.

I still want what I want when I want it, and I don’t know if I ever won’t.

What I do like the sound of though, is getting what I want at a fraction of the cost. I’ll be heading to the finest op-shops in town this weekend, on the hunt for sh*t I usually spend too much money on, with a $25 limit.

I think as long as I come home with something, I’ll satiate that urge to acquire stuff.

To give you an idea, up until recently I’ve been spending about $25 a week on socks because Lex Luthor tells Superman in Superman 2 that he throws his socks out each week and gets brand new ones… because he can.

I thought that was the height of cool-guy luxury, so I’ve been doing the same since I was like 17. I’m 29. That’s a lot of good socks. .

I’ll let you know how it goes.

(Make sure to share your ideas on our community forum to help me on my frugal way.)

The content above does not represent any form of advice and Xinja has obviously not considered your individual circumstances in preparing this. It is simply a few thoughts on money to get the conversation started. 



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