Know your Xinjas:
Peta Ryan

Know your Xinjas: Peta Ryan

Peta Ryan (aka #xinjaninja) is one of the Xinjarati, our amazing team of customer advocates. They are the frontline of our business, taking great pleasure in helping out and delighting our wonderful customers all day long. And you’re unlikely to find a sportier team of customer advocates anywhere in the world. Much like the rest of the Xinjarati (and #sportyxinja), Peta is fitness obsessed. When she’s not working up a sweat at a class or trapezing through the air, she’s living her dream of being a real-life Xinja Ninja, testing herself on TV on the obstacle course of Australian Ninja Warrior!

I’m most proud of the fact that everyone here genuinely shares the same passion and desire to do things ethically!

Tell us what you do at Xinja

I’m a Customer Advocate for Xinja. My role is to delight the brilliant people who sign up with us! As a self-proclaimed “people strategist”, NOTHING makes me happier than helping people live the best lives they can through listening and learning about what’s important to them, forming new relationships and designing solutions to the challenges they have.

What is your Xinja origin story?

I was introduced to Xinja by #SportyXinja, (aka Betsy Westcott), when I ran into her at the gym, (naturally!). We somehow managed to have a (somewhat out of breath) conversation about Xinja while completing 45 minutes of High Intensity Interval training. I went straight home that night and researched all about the company. It was love at first sight and I applied immediately.

What does a typical day look like for you?

What’s really great about Xinja is that the typical day is an adventure! From phone chat to writing FAQs to office decoration, if it helps our people and our customers, I am there! One thing I have done every day is get to know my colleagues so that when we take off, and you know we will 😉 we will be one strong team ready to deliver exceptional value.

Who do you work with and how does the team run?

I work with Betsy and two other like minded customer advocates. We have a super dynamic team and are all happy to chip in wherever we can.

What are you most proud of working with Xinja?

I’m most proud of the fact that everyone here genuinely shares the same passion and desire to do things ethically. It’s not just something we say. We live it every day. This is such a breath of fresh air and I’m so excited to see what the future holds.

What have you learned in your time working at Xinja?

I feel like I’ve learnt more in my short time at Xinja than I did over years in some past roles. Mostly, I’ve learned that every great idea needs a team of great minds, working together to make it happen. It’s exhilarating and empowering to be surrounded by so many brilliant humans, all contributing towards a common goal.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

I’m really looking forward to seeing how we can make make banking more personalised and rebuild confidence in the financial sector. I already feel like Xinja is a family – not just the people that work here but also every person coming with us on the journey.

What technology are you most excited about?

So glad you asked! CB Insights recently released a report about the impact of artificial intelligence in 2018 and I think this is great (and dare I say long overdue?) because getting AI to do the process work, we can spend our time doing what we love most working at Xinja – to confirm what that is, please see question 1 😃

If you weren’t at Xinja, what would you be doing?

I’d love to say I’d be a trapeze artist in Cirque Du Soleil or performing a lead roll in “Wicked” but I’d more likely be working at a ‘normal’ bank. I’d be working hard and enjoying life, but always feeling like there is so much more I could be contributing!

#xinjaninja on Season 1 of Australian Ninja Warrior

#xinjaninja on Season 1 of Australian Ninja Warrior

List 3 words to describe Xinja?

Fun, Caring, Innovative

What is your Spirit Animal?

Does a unicorn count? I’m attracted to all things glitter and believe in achieving the ‘impossible’.

Weekend hobby:

Just one?! You’ll generally find me flying through the air at a trapeze class or falling off obstacles at ninja training. In October I’ll be off to a weekend stunt course, so that should be fun. Other to that, I enjoy a nice meal and a few sneaky wines in the sun, or if I’m feeling lazy – pyjamas and a Game of Thrones marathon with hubby.

Unexpected fact:

I competed in Season 1 of Australian Ninja Warrior, (dressed as a unicorn of course). In answer to the next question most people ask: I fell off on the second obstacle, called the “Flying Fox to Box Jelly Fish”… As deadly as it sounds. I won’t let it beat me though! #watchthisspace

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