Know your Xinjas:
Max Matthews

Know your Xinjas: Max Matthews

Introducing the latest member of Xinja’s marketing team, Max Matthews (aka #socialxinja). Max is our community manager, meaning he’ll live out his days at Xinja inside our community forum and social media channels discussing money, neobanking and anything else you (or he) feels like talking about. 

Outside of work, Max is a man of a great many and varied interests. He is a published author, a candlemaker, antique collector and lover of aquatic life, who is almost certainly the only person to ever get live fish delivered to work on their second day (disclaimer: obviously not including people who work in fish and chip shops, pet shops and aquariums)

We’re only happy making money if we’re doing the right thing, and we are ‘definitely’ doing the right thing.

Tell us what you do at Xinja

I’m your social ninja for all things Xinja. Everything from designing cool stuff for you to look at to answering your every question.

What is your Xinja origin story?

My first job out of high school was a doorman in the Cross working for Dreamgirls and Porkies. I was the guy with the clipboard asking you to come inside. It seems I was always destined to end up at Xinja, ushering you into a happier financial future… via liberal use of showtunes and emojis.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up at 6.30 am every day, not to work out, or to do anything productive really… I just like to stuff around for a few hours not really doing anything. I have a lot of fish so…sometimes I just stare at them for a while*. That way by the time I get to work I’m so damn bored, the first three hours are like a productivity thunderstorm. I’m talking Da Vinci level motivation here.

*(Editors note: we can confirm Max is indeed a lover of marine life. On only his second official day, he received a delivery to the office of live shrimp for his aquarium at home).

Who do you work with and how does the team run?

Marketing Xinjas, we’re in charge of making things you’ll like to look at and use, again and again. I mean, that’s like 80% of life right? So yeah, we’re basically the wheels on the bus.

What are you most proud of working with Xinja?

I like the new-age attitude towards money. Xinja’s customers are our main resource, but they are also our main commodity. We’re only happy making money if we’re doing the right thing, and we are ‘definitely’ doing the right thing.

What have you learned in your time working at Xinja?

Move fast and break things as a motto doesn’t work if you could end up in jail. A start-up bank environment is much different to previous start-up environments I’ve been a part of. You can’t just post something and see how it does, without first making sure you’re complying with the various rules and regulation. That being said, we’re still required to move at a mile a minute, so everything is exaggerated (and more exciting).

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

100% getting the regulatory licence.

What technology are you most excited about?

Psychic tools, where you think and things happen. Connecting your brain to the computer so we can do away with these annoying ‘hands’.

If you weren’t at Xinja, what would you be doing?

More social media, I’m convinced my role on this planet is to deeply analyse the human condition while remaining blissfully unaware of my own shortcomings so…social media is clearly the best place for me to do that.

List 3 words to describe Xinja?

Fun, daring and bold.

What is your Spirit Animal?

An octopus..

Weekend hobby:

Memoram by M. R. Matthews – a book of space, time, aliens, sex and robots.

My hobby is starting things and getting over them. I used to love making candles, now I only do it when I need them. I used to love drones, but all the guys in the drone park were dicks who use drones as a substitute for having a personality (or friends for that matter). I used to love basketball, but as my legs turned to wood I started resenting watching it. Antique hunting is fun, I don’t think I’ll ever get over antique hunting. Antiques are like visual representations of our souls; caring for them is cool, buying them is even cooler.

Unexpected fact:

I’ve written a book. You can buy it here. It’s about space, time, aliens, sex and robots. It’s like 50 shades of time travel.

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