Know your Xinjas:
Bumper Edition

Know your Xinjas: Bumper Edition

Know your Xinjas

Bumper Edition

This week of ‘Know your Xinjas’ is a special one, because we’re introducing you to not one… but three new Xinjas!

Pause for applause.

That’s right Meet (from left to right) Jonathan Mogg (#xinjabunny), Ron Vidal (#checkpointxinja) and Michele Davenport (#coachxinja). Three keen new Xinjas.


Michele Davenport – Chief Risk Officer

What do you do at Xinja?

I’m the Chief Risk Officer so that involves a multitude of things, but to keep it simple, my main role is to keep the customers  and the business safe. How I do that is the complex part.

What are you most excited about?

Helping build a new and better approach to financial services!

Unexpected fact?

I’m also a netball coach! If you’re wondering how netball and risk management go together, you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself.

Ron Vidal – Chief Compliance Officer

What do you do at Xinja?

Chief of Compliance is a little tricky, because it’s quite multifaceted. In a nutshell, I’m here to ensure compliance with regulations, but also make sure customers are informed about all aspects relevant to them. I want to make sure the systems and processes are in place so that we can move forward effectively.

What are you most excited about?

My focus at APRA was about “making a difference”.  At Xinja, I’m excited about taking practical steps to turn that into reality. 

Unexpected Fact?

I am a fluent Spanish speaker

Jonathan Mogg – Director of Risk and Capital Strategy

What do you do at Xinja?

Help design risk management approaches to keep Xinja’s and our customers’ money and data safe.  

What are you most excited about?

In my career I’ve worked for over 50 banks.  Just one of those was a start up and that was my favourite job. It’s fun to build things from the ground up!.

Unexpected Fact?

Well for one I’m photoshopped into that picture above 😉 Aside from that, my favourite pet is a rabbit who sits on my knee for several hours a day!








We can confirm Jonathan has an incredibly cute bunny! 

Check out other members of the xinja team here.


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