Xinja Mates:
Different Drop

Xinja Mates: Different Drop

As we build Xinja, we’re working with partners big & small, some of whom are growing Australian businesses or start-ups like our own. We’ll be highlighting those businesses and meeting their founders, starting with online wine business Different Drop, who very kindly lent us their warehouse for a video shoot last week.

Australia has some of the most exciting and consistently high-quality wines in the world

Different Drop are an Aussie start-up who love great wine! The way they feel about wine is similar to how Xinja feels about banking – that these are exciting times for Australians who no longer need to rely on the big chains and supermarkets to get a tasty drop.

Boutique producers are creating a fabulous array of fantastic wines and through their online platform, they’re helping wine-loving Aussies discover the best and most exciting artisanal wines the country has to offer and championing the unsung heroes of the Australian wine industry (we tried some last Friday and can confirm, it is delicious!).

We spoke to co-founder Brett Ketelbey about running a small business and what he’ll be drinking this summer. Also exciting news – in addition to running his own business, Brett will be marrying our very own Betsy (aka #sportyxinja) in a beautiful wine filled wedding next year!

What inspired you to start Different Drop?

Tom and I had always worked in and around the wine industry and were always frustrated and confused about how poorly the wine retail sector in Australia reflected the dynamism and innovation going on in Australia wine. Australia has some of the most exciting and consistently high-quality wines in the world but local bottle shops only wanted to sell New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and overripe, mass-produced reds that went out of fashion 10 years ago. We wanted to make it easier for wine lovers like us to discover the country’s most exciting artisan producers and their amazing wines.  We figured someone would do it one day, so might as well be us!

Oh and we also really love wine. That helped.

We really want to be the central platform for artisanal Australian wine and liquor

How have you found it going up against the big wine retailers in Australia?

Pretty good to be honest. The main thing that gets customers excited is great product, and that is something that we’ve done really well from day one.  A lot of the wines we sell are made in very small quantities (just 100 cases is not uncommon), and the big retailers are just way too big to care about those boutique winemakers. People don’t realise that almost all the chains are owned by Coles or Woolworths, so unless something is made in quantities with a lot of zeroes behind it, it just doesn’t get a look in at all. These supermarket wines are just boring, and we know there’s an army of consumers out there wanting to discover wines that are more interesting, more sustainably-grown and produced, and more delicious!

What have you got planned for Different Drop in 2018 (if you can say)?

More wine and more wine enthusiasts! We really want to be the central platform for artisanal Australian wine and liquor. We’ve made a start but we’ve got a long way to go.

Can you make any recommendations on the wines we should be drinking this summer?

Quality rosés and lighter reds. I see them as the all-purpose, all-terrain Australian wine style. You can bring them to a BBQ or a night out. With food or without. You can’t go wrong.

Some of my favourites:

  • 2017 Bondar Wines Rosé
  • 2017 Golden Child Lazy Sunday Light Red
  • 2017 Ochota Barrels Fugazi Grenache

Thanks again to Brett and the team for lending us their space (and sharing a drop with us!).

Visit their website to discover some great Australian wine.

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