Know your Xinjas:
Betsy Westcott

Know your Xinjas: Betsy Westcott

We had a quick chat with our latest Xinja, Betsy Westcott – aka #sportyxinja –  Head of Retail Banking – about where she’s come from, what lights her fire, and why she’s a xinja

I’ve built a reputation as the go-to-girl when it comes to finance; making money, investing money.

Tell us what you do at Xinja

I’m sort of jack-of-all-trades at the moment – overseeing every customer interaction our future Xinjas will have with us. Put simply, I make sure we take care of people, but with all the funky wow-factor of a neobank.

How did you find yourself working here at Xinja?

Well prior to working at Xinja, I was a bank manager for NAB and a private banker for both NAB & ANZ. Eric (Xinja’s CEO) knew me from my last job (fyi I used to be his banker…) and he persuaded me to work in the wonderful world of neobanking. Oddly I initially started in hospitality, which gave me the know-how to create 5 star customer experiences!

What does a typical day look like for you, who do you work with and how does the team run?

One thing about working in a startup is that you don’t get typical days. I do everything from pitching to investors, to thinking about everything that a bank does and how we want to deliver that at Xinja. I’m always on the lookout for innovation – what’s going on in the market place, any retail offering that customers love and working that into the Xinja DNA.

What are you most proud of?

Probably that amongst my friends I’ve built a reputation as the go-to-girl when it comes to finance; making money, investing money. I really want to do anything to improve the financial literacy of Australians.

What have you learned in your time here?

How ready Australians are for a new style of banking. One day working in a startup is equivalent to ten days in the corporate sector, but working amongst such bright, passionate & fast-moving people makes it all worthwhile.

What are you most excited about in the coming months?

Launching Xinja for our early customers to see. The other thing we’re really proud of is that the AI that we are building into the app is something that will help manage their finances in a way I don’t think Aussies have seen before.

If you weren’t at Xinja, what would you be doing?

I think I would be a diplomat – in peace or trade, as I enjoy working on tough problems with people.

List 3 words to describe Xinja

Smart, Functional, Funky

What is your Spirit Animal?

Dolphin – love the ocean, cheeky, and highly intelligent.

Weekend hobby:

Cooking for and hosting fabulous dinner parties for friends and family.

Unexpected fact:

I lived in a convent in Warsaw, Poland with some of the loveliest nuns you’ve ever met and taught English to the blind.

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