Building a bank:
Xinja update August 2017

Building a bank: Xinja update August 2017

Things have been very busy in the Xinja office, particularly with the visit of our phenomenal technology partners from the UK, Canada & Silicon Valley. We have established core infrastructure and are now focussed on front-end payments functionality.

What we’re up to

We are building the ‘Tracer Bullet’ aka the ‘proof of concept deliverable’ (or the very first version of Xinja that works end to end!). You can check out the list of features for the first version of the app here (although this may get longer!). This is an exciting period, where we start to design in detail features inspired by many conversations with our Founding Xinjas. We then turn them into prototypes which we can then play back to them and improve and test over and over, so it’s all go!

Talk, talk, talk

At least that’s what the Founding Xinjas did. We were overwhelmed with the number of people who raised their hands to talk to Van, our Customer Innovation Director, and just download their thoughts, frustrations, experiences and ideas about money. So Van just listened, listened, listened – sometimes in conversations lasting as long as a feature length movie. She then synthesised this and presented it to our team of experts gathered from around the world. She had examples ranging from the detailed and functional to the broad and philosophical; from gripes with existing bank processes, to some pretty radical ideas of where Xinja needs to go

Sometimes [customer] conversations lasted as long as a feature length movie!

Proof of the pudding

We are really looking forward to meeting with all the Founding Xinjas coming to our first meet-up next week in Sydney. This will be another opportunity to listen and brainstorm ideas, and it will be interesting to see how closely these align to those we are already developing and how many are new. In subsequent meet-ups we’ll actually be sharing prototypes and this will be the moment real people start to get to grips with Xinja – exciting stuff.

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