‘Stash’: a quick & easy way to save money.


No strings. Just Stash.

A high interest Savings Account linked to your Bank Account. Designed for you to save by separating your money from your daily spending Bank Account. It only takes seconds to open via Mobile App. It’s easy!

Please note, due to overwhelming demand, Xinja is not opening any new Stash accounts at the moment. We  are hoping to offer new Stash accounts in a couple of months. For our blog on why we’ve paused please click here.  

Join Xinja Bank with Stash

Get Stashing

Please note, Xinja is not opening any new Stash accounts at the moment.

  • Earn 1.5% interest on balances up to $50K with no strings.
  • No intro period
  • No min deposits / payments
  • Instant setup via Mobile App
  • Quickly stash what you can spare from your daily spending

Open a Xinja bank account

To get stashing, you need a Xinja bank account

  • Independent, Australian bank
  • 100% digital, made for mobile
  • No card, account or ATM fees (although ATM providers may charge a fee)
  • Fast, friendly support via chat

Banking with Xinja is, well, it’s easy as. It’s how we reckon money should be. Let’s go!

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