Google Pay Terms & Conditions

Who provides Google Pay?

Google provides Google Pay, not Xinja.  Before using Google Pay, you must accept Google’s terms and conditions as well as these Terms and Conditions.

Which cards work with Google Pay?

Your Xinja Debit Mastercard is the only card that may be used with Google Pay at the moment.

How do I add my card to Google Pay?

You can add your Debit Mastercard to Google Pay from the Xinja App or Google wallet on your Android Device. Follow the prompts in the “Card” section of the App or in Google wallet to add your card to Google Pay. You can add your card if:

  • Your Xinja Bank Account doesn’t have a negative balance and isn’t blocked or closed
  • Your Debit Mastercard isn’t blocked or cancelled
  • You have an eligible Android Device
  • If you add a card to Google Pay, you agree that:
  • Google may share your information with us so that we can provide you with our services
  • We may share your information with Google to enable them to provide their services.
  • If you do not want your personal information to be shared with Google, you should not link your Debit Mastercard to Google Pay.

How do I remove my card from Google Pay? 

Follow the prompts in the “Card” section of your Xinja App or in Google Wallet to remove your Debit Mastercard.  You can call our customer support team, Xinjarati for help.

NOTE: Simply uninstalling Google Pay from your Android Device may not remove your Debit Mastercard from your Android Device.  Before removing Google Pay from your Android Device, you must first delete your Debit Mastercard. If you don’t, we may assume that you have breached your obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

How can I make a purchase using my card via Google Pay?

Once you have added your Debit Mastercard to Google Pay, you can use your Android Device to purchase goods and services at any Contactless Terminal.  You can also make online purchases using Google Pay from your Android Device.

When making a purchase at a Contactless Terminal, you may be required to:

  • unlock your Android Device prior to making the transaction
  • enter your Android Device Passcode
  • enter your PIN;

You won’t be able to make a Contactless Payment from your Debit Mastercard using Google Pay, unless:

  • you set Google Pay as the default “tap and pay” app on your Android Device; and
  • you select your Debit Mastercard as the default card on Google Pay.

Once Google Pay has been set as the default app on your Android Device, you may not be able to use another “tap and pay” app even if that app is open

Google Pay may not work if your Android Device doesn’t have internet access.

When might Xinja suspend or terminate my ability to use card via Google Pay?

Xinja may suspend or cancel your use of your Debit Mastercard via Google Pay if:

  • your Debit Mastercard is suspended or cancelled
  • you are in breach of these T&Cs or Xinja Bank Account Terms and Conditions
  • we suspect that an Unauthorised Transaction has occurred on your Mastercard or Xinja Account
  • we are required to do so under an applicable law or are directed to do so by Google
  • for any other reason (acting reasonably).

We will give you notice if we suspend or cancel your use of Google Pay in accordance with the Xinja Account T&Cs.

What are my obligations regarding the security of my Android Device?

By loading details of your Debit Mastercard to Google Pay, you understand that anyone who obtains access to your Android Device may be able to authorise a payment via Google Pay.

You must:

  • keep your Android Device secure in the same way that you are required to keep your Debit Mastercard secure eg keep your Android Device Passcode secret and ensure that no one has access to your Android Device
  • not give access to your Android Device to any one else and not allow any other person to load their biometric details onto your Android Device
  • not authorise any one else to use your Android Device to make a Google Pay payment.

If you breach any of the above, we will assume that you have authorised the other person to use your Debit Mastercard and you will be liable for all transactions made by that person.

You could incur significant loss or liability for transactions completed by other persons in these cases.


Android Device means a mobile device including a smartphone, tablet, watch or other device running 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher with a Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna and Host Card Emulation (HCE) support.

Android Device Passcode means the code used to access your Android Device and includes any biometrics you have set up on your Android Device.

Contactless Terminal means any electronic terminal which can be used to make a Contactless Transaction.

Contactless Transaction (or Contactless Payments) means a transaction made by holding an Android Device in front of a Contactless Terminal.

Google means Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd ABN 54 341 015 381 and its related bodies corporate.

Google Pay (or Google Wallet) means the mobile payment and digital wallet service provided by Google which enables you to make a transaction using a Debit Mastercard registered on your Android Device.

PIN means a personal identification number which is a four digit code used to make transactions on your Debit Mastercard

Terms and Conditions means these terms and conditions which govern your use of your Debit Mastercard via Google Pay.

Xinja means Xinja Bank Limited ACN 618 937 054 AFSL 501764 and its related bodies corporate

Xinja Account T&Cs means the terms and conditions which govern your use of your Xinja Bank Account.

Xinja App (or App) means the mobile app used to access your Xinja Bank Account

Xinja Bank Account (or Bank Account) means a transactional bank account offered by Xinja.

Xinja Debit Mastercard (or Debit Mastercard) means the card issued by Xinja which is linked to your Xinja Bank Account

Xinjarati means our customer support team

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.


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