Xinja Electronic Access Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are effective 20 December 2019

Welcome to Xinja!  😊

Xinja Bank Limited ACN 618 937 054 (Xinja, we, us, our), holds Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and Australian Credit Licence number 501764 issued by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).  

This document sets out the terms and conditions that apply to the Xinja App (“App”).  You can use the App to access your Xinja Accounts. By downloading and registering your details on the App you agree to these terms and conditions.  

You should read this document along with our:

  • Xinja Financial Services Guide (FSG) – relevant to the product you have with Xinja  
  • The Xinja Account Terms and Conditions
  • the Xinja Privacy Policy and Consent Information

You can find a copy of these documents on our website at –  It is important that you read all of these documents carefully.  Ask us if you have any questions.

If there is any inconsistency between a provision of the terms and conditions of your Xinja Account and a provision of these terms, these terms prevail.

We will act reasonably when exercising our rights outlined in this document. 

These terms and conditions are governed by the New South Wales law. This document contains general financial product advice only and has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs..

How to contact us 💬
  • You can contact us via chat through the App 
  • Email us at [email protected] or
  • Call us on 1800 946 527 or +61 2 8598 8525 (if overseas)

Xinjarati, our customer support team are available during our Standard Business Hours.  

How we will contact you 🤗

We’ll contact you through the App, or through your mobile or email. It’s important for you to let us know if any of your details change.



You can download the Xinja App from the AppStore and Play Store. 

You must make sure that you update the App you are using each time we release a new version.  This will help us to keep your personal information safe. 🔒

What can I do using the Xinja App?

The Xinja App is  used to access your Xinja Accounts including:

  • view the balance of your Xinja Accounts 💸​ 
  • view the transaction history of your Xinja Accounts
  • arrange a Pay Anyone (referred to as “Send Money” on the App) Instruction

Please note: “Xinja Accounts” doesn’t include the Xinja Prepaid card.

The full terms and conditions relating to these services are outlined in the Xinja Account Terms and Conditions.  

How can I log into the Xinja App?

When you access the App for the first time and register your details, you must select a 6 digit App Passcode. You will need to use this App Passcode to log onto the App. You can also set up biometrics supported by your Device. This includes using your fingerprint or face ID.  You should try to memorise your App Passcode and you must not: 

  • write or record your App Passcode on or near your Device;
  • give your App Passcode to anyone else including your family or friends
  • use a number that is easy to guess (like your birthday, consecutive numbers or the same 6 digits)
  • allow someone else to see you entering the App Passcode      

You must let us know immediately if you think someone else has access to your App Passcode. 

What happens if I forget my App Passcode? 🤔

You may reset your App Passcode using the Xinja App if you have forgotten it. 

What if I forget to log out of the Xinja App?  

The App will lock automatically if you haven’t used it for 2 minutes. You will need to use the App Passcode (or biometrics if you have set them up) to log back into the App.

Does the Xinja App use ‘two factor authentication’?  

Some transactions using the Xinja App will require ‘two factor authentication’ for your protection.  These transactions include:

  • payments to a new payee
  • updating your App Passcode 

If a ‘two factor authentication’ is required, Xinja will text you a ‘one off’ verification code to the latest mobile number we have in our records. 


What are your obligations when using the Xinja App? 

It’s your obligation to keep your Device and App Passcode secure and safe and you must:

  • only use the Xinja App for activities related to your banking 
  • lock your Device when not in use and take all other reasonable steps necessary to stop unauthorised use of the Xinja App on your Device
  • take reasonable care to protect your App Passcode
  • not copy, modify, attempt to reverse engineer, hack into or otherwise act fraudulently or maliciously in relation to the Xinja App
  • not override the software lockdown on your Device (commonly referred to as ‘rooting’)
  • not allow any other person’s biometric information to be stored on your Device
  • notify Xinja immediately if you suspect that your Device has become subject to ‘mobile phone porting’ (eg if your Device is suddenly or unexpectedly disconnected without your permission)
  • notify Xinja immediately if your Device is lost or stolen 
  • update your Device by downloading any new versions of the App as soon as we tell you that a new version has been released.  You must also delete any previous versions

If you don’t comply with your obligations as set out in this document, you will be liable for all transactions that occur even if you have not authorised them.   This means any terms and conditions that protect you for unauthorised transactions will not apply and you could incur significant loss or liability for future transactions.

When is the Xinja App Available?  

We want to ensure that the Xinja App is available at all times but sometimes you may not have access to the App due to: 

  • planned and unplanned system outages
  • us suspending or permanently terminating your access or use of the Xinja App.
What is Xinja’s liability for your use of the App?

We will not be liable for: 

  • any failure to make the Xinja App (or any part of it) available to you due to circumstances beyond our control eg. your Device not having access to the internet or disruptions to internet network in your area
  • any periods during which the Xinja App is unavailable due to system outages.  We will try our best to give you as much notice as possible of scheduled outages.  
  • any loss or liability incurred by you if we consider, in our reasonable opinion, that you have contributed to that loss or liability.

We make no representation, guarantee or agreement of any kind in relation to the functionality of the Xinja App nor do we guarantee that any virus infections or other software damages will not be caused to your Device.

What must I do if I suspect that my App Passcode has been breached?

If you believe or suspect your App Passcode has been breached, you must contact Xinjarati as soon as possible.

Once you have notified us, your liability for future electronic funds transfer transactions using that App Passcode will be limited.  Please refer to Xinja Account Terms and Conditions for more details.  

If Xinjarati is not available at the time you become aware of the breach or suspected breach (for example because you are calling outside our Standard Business Hours), Xinja will be liable for any losses occurring during the period that we were unavailable, providing you notify us within a reasonable timeframe of Xinjarati becoming available again.   

If you report a breach or suspected breach of your App Passcode, Xinja will acknowledge your report and you should record this acknowledgment.  


Android Device means a mobile device including a smartphone, tablet, watch or other device running 7.0 (Nougat) or higher.  

App Passcode means a 6 digit  code used to access your Xinja App set by you.  

Apple Device means a ‘compatible mobile device’ manufactured by Apple Pty Limited ABN 46 002 510 054 (or its related bodies corporate) including iPhones or iPads (models include iPhone SE and iPhone 6 or later).

Device means an Android Device or an Apple Device.  

Standard Business Hours means 8.00am – 8.00pm (Sydney time), five days a week (with public holidays exceptions; Christmas day, New Years Day closed and Boxing Day open 9am – 4pm).  

Xinja means Xinja Bank Limited ACN 618 937 054 AFSL 501764 and its related bodies corporate.

Xinja Account means Xinja Bank Account and Xinja Stash. This doesn’t include Xinja Prepaid Card.

Xinja App (or App) means the app provided by Xinja for use on a Device and through which you may access your Xinja Accounts.  

Xinjarati means our customer support team.

Download the pdf here

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