Fraud Manager

Our Vision

To build a bank with our customers, designed in their interests, that helps them make better money decisions without the angst. All delivered through a brilliant mobile experience. 

Our 10 golden rules

To be successful at Xinja you are going to need to be happy working with our 10 golden rules

  1. No dickheads… However good they may be. No dress code, but sometimes you need to look smart :-). No power trips because of a hierarchy. Intellect, customer experience and implementation is all that matters.
  2. Everything is in the cloud.
  3. We use real-time data to evaluate our business and we reward staff on a quarterly basis with an entirely discretionary profit share. No one gets a share of the profit if our investors aren’t making money and our customers aren’t happy.
  4. We are here to make money, that’s why we exist, and we don’t screw people over to do it. We don’t lie to our clients in person or in marketing. We don’t engage in immoral lending; if our grandmother would think it was wrong, then it is. We aim to make lots of money ethically and we are proud of it.
  5. No one is entitled to work at Xinja. It is a huge honour to represent people’s hopes of a new bank and we earn that honour every day.
  6. We look after our people bloody well. We stand by them if they are in genuine need.
  7. We are truthful and direct with each other. Everyone says what they think in a robust, challenging, edgy environment. That means we won’t be the right place for everyone to work, and that’s ok.
  8. We only hire people better than us. We never, ever settle because we need a body. We do psychometric testing to get the best people, every time.
  9. About half our team, executive and board will be female, if they aren’t we aren’t recruiting the best people. We actively seek all types of diversity combined with brilliance.
  10. If you discriminate against someone because of who they love/sleep with, you’re a dickhead… Please see rule 1.

The Role

As a cracking Fraud Manager, you’re responsible for helping to protect our customers and Xinja, as we continue to scale at pace. Reporting into the Head of Business Operations, you are responsible for Xinja’s fraud prevention and detection operations and to ensure the Fraud team manages cases effectively, efficiently and thoroughly.

Decisions will be driven by information, insights and market trends and be enabled by technology and data. At Xinja we expect all our Operations teams, including Fraud, to maintain the highest standards of ethical banking and lending practices. We have zero tolerance for deliberate non-compliance or ethical breaches.

You are also responsible for ensuring Xinja remains compliant and maintains the highest standards of ethical banking and lending practices. We have zero tolerance for deliberate non-compliance or ethical breaches.

Every person at Xinja is a guardian of the Xinja culture. You should know the 10 Golden Rules inside out, demonstrate them everyday and consider yourself a key person in making sure they are lived and breathed at Xinja.

Planning and execution are at the core of Xinja, so we are looking for someone who is able to start running from day one. You need to be:

  • willing to roll up your sleeves and get things done;
  • able to deal with ambiguity and change in a fast-paced, dynamic environment;
  • open-minded and willing to learn; and
  • a key contributor to the Xinja team. 

Role specific responsibilities

Key deliverables: 

  • Managing and reviewing the fraud team’s performance and adherence to policy and our risk appetite;
  • Owning and strengthening our automated fraud prevention and detection strategies and processes;
  • Analysing performance of our fraud rules and tuning them for maximum benefit;
  • Using data to make decisions and report effectiveness of our Fraud Operations;
  • Working with internal teams to achieve desired outcomes for Xinja Fraud – including our broader Operations team, delivery, risk and compliance, customer advocates and senior management;
  • Managing requests from OFIs, law enforcement and regulatory bodies;
  • Work with the team (and be an escalation point) to r eview any alerts
    (including customer interactions) to determine whether the case is genuine;
  • Apply your knowledge of regulatory and scheme obligations, and use that knowledge to optimise our fraud operations;
  • Bring innovative ideas (technology, processes, partnerships from the wider Fintech industry) to deliver a better product/experience for our customers;
  • Monitor risks in your role, and escalating and reporting incidents and breaches to the Risk & Compliance team, the CEO and the Board as applicable;
  • In the event of a stress event, execute operational procedures as directed within the agreed timeframes.

Experience and Skills

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 5+ years prior experience working in a senior financial crimes / payment fraud operation role;
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with people across all areas of Xinja and with key external stakeholders (other banks, law enforcement and regulatory bodies);
  • Analytical skills with a strong attention to detail and the ability to multitask;
  • Ability to create and maintain positive business relationships;
  • Knowledge of Xinja’s business products and Xinja’s value proposition;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to be able to work in a small company environment;
  • Strong collaboration skills and the ability to work with peers from different business functions.

You will also: 

  • Have an interest in banking, finance and fintech;
  • Have a customer centric mindset and will act with their interests;
  • Be excited to build a new bank designed for customers;
  • Be passionate, have drive and be willing to roll your sleeves up;
  • Be a quick learner and self-starter, and can thrive in ambiguity; 
  • Be a great problem-solver and prepared to go the extra mile (this is still a  start-up!) 

If you’re up for this:

Please email your CV to ​[email protected]

And check out the hiring process we go thru here

Download the full job description here

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