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About Us

Xinja is building an Australian, independent 100% digital bank designed entirely for mobile. We are building a business with our customers and designed in their interests. Neobanking will disrupt the existing banking model and create a whole new generation of experiences.

Our 10 golden rules

To be successful at Xinja you are going to need to be happy working with our 10 golden rules

  1. No dickheads… However good they may be. No dress code, but sometimes you need to look smart :-). No power trips because of a hierarchy. Intellect, customer experience and implementation is all that matters. 
  2. Everything is in the cloud.  
  3. We use real time data to evaluate our business and we reward staff on a quarterly basis with an entirely discretionary profit share. No one gets a share of the profit if our investors aren’t making money and our customers aren’t happy. 
  4. We are here to make money, that’s why we exist, and we don’t screw people over to do it. We don’t lie to our clients in person or in marketing. We don’t engage in immoral lending; if our grandmother would think it was wrong, then it is. We aim to make lots of money ethically and we are proud of it. 
  5. No one is entitled to work at Xinja. It is a huge honour to represent people’s hopes of a new bank and we earn that honour every day. 
  6. We look after our people bloody well. We stand by them if they are in genuine need. 
  7. We are truthful and direct with each other. Everyone says what they think in a robust, challenging, edgy environment. That means we won’t be the right place for everyone to work, and that’s ok. 
  8. We only hire people better than us. We never, ever settle because we need a body. We do psychometric testing to get the best people, every time. 
  9. About half our team, executive and board will be female, if they aren’t we aren’t recruiting the best people. We actively seek all types of diversity combined with brilliance. 
  10. If you discriminate against someone because of who they love/sleep with, you’re a dickhead… Please see rule 1.

Now…let’s talk about you:

We’re looking for a DevOps engineer, with some experience utilising DevOps practices in a continuous delivery, highly secure and regulated, cloud-based environment. 

You’ll be embedded in the DevOps team to facilitate continuous delivery of secure, quality software to the Xinja Banking Platform using DevOps practices and principles. You’ll need to have a broad cross section of skills along with a strong consultative approach.  You’ll work with software engineers and security experts to ensure that the right practices are in place and to take the security lead on automating the path to production to enable deployment of changes with no manual intervention and in a highly secure manner.

We run a small, crack team of DevOps engineers to help us build out a world class continuous integration and delivery pipeline for the Xinja Banking Platform as we continue to scale at pace. You will ensure security standards are upheld and secure coding practices maintained.

You should know that we do things a little differently at Xinja. You won’t be micromanaged and will have the flexibility to choose the tools you need to get your work done. Along with the team you work with, you’ll be given autonomy on how you design and build DevOps processes as long as it stays within the guidance of the Xinja Software Development Lifecycle and Information Security Management System. You should be comfortable with pushing new tools and processes and challenging the norms of secure software development and deployment.

Day to day, you’ll:

  • Constantly collaborate with software engineers and security experts, you’ll be one of the few bridging the gap between our software teams and our security teams. 
  • Working closely with developers in cross functional teams to share knowledge and increase the delivery team’s maturity around security and operability;
  • Design and build continuous delivery pipelines to enable secure deployment of software to production with no manual intervention;
  • Secure the design and provision of infrastructure as code with tools such as. Terraform, CloudFormation etc;
  • Establish and promote good practice for managing information technology and information security risk, providing support, advice and information where required; 
  • Actively look for ways to improve the security of the Xinja Platform infrastructure and continuous deployment pipeline;
  • Support the CTO, and CISO and Security Manager to build and improve Xinja’s Platform and Cyber Security maturity;

You should apply if you:

  • Are a DevOps Engineer who utilises practices to enable highly secure continuous delivery;
  • Have knowledge of Cloud Computing providers (ideally AWS, but  Azure, Google Cloud, etc are also interesting to us);
  • Understand in depth networking concepts, technologies, and protocols (TCP/IP, IPSec, HTTP, FTP, DHCP, and DNS);
  • Have experience in scripting language or coding experience (Including bash and one other language);
  • Have a strong technical background in build, release and environments, with experience of CI tools like CircleCi, Jenkins, Github, BinTray etc;
  • Can design and support robust build, deployment and configuration management; systems for multi-tier JVM environments;
  • Understand of telemetry practices (monitoring, graphing, alerting, anomaly detection);
  • Have knowledge of technological trends and developments in the area of cyber security and cyber risk management;
  • Have an interest in information security frameworks.

It’s a bonus but not required if you have:

  • At a start up
  • As an AWS certified architect and/or practitioner

If you’re up for this:

Please email your CV to ​[email protected]

And check out the hiring process we go thru here

Download the full job description here

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