Chief Operating Officer

About Us

Xinja is building an Australian 100% digital bank designed entirely for mobile. We are building a bank with our customers and designed in their interests. Neobanking will disrupt the existing banking model and create a whole new generation of experiences.

Developing one of the first neobanks in the country is an exciting and challenging task. Our ethos is based on a win-win with our customers; if they do well, so do we. We believe it’s time Australians had access to the kind of technology that just allows them to get a lot more out of their money, with less angst. 

We extend that attitude to our people and our partners. We look after our staff, and trust them with significant responsibility, but support them well. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of building a great company, and a fabulous brand, AND learn heaps along the way.

Our 10 golden rules

To be successful at Xinja you are going to need to be happy working with our 10 golden rules.

  1. No dickheads… However good they may be. No dress code, but sometimes you need to look smart 🙂 . No power trips because of a hierarchy. Intellect, customer experience and implementation is all that matters. 
  2. Everything is in the cloud.  
  3. We use real time data to evaluate our business and we reward staff on a quarterly basis with an entirely discretionary profit share. No one gets a share of the profit if our investors aren’t making money and our customers aren’t happy. 
  4. We are here to make money, that’s why we exist, and we don’t screw people over to do it. We don’t lie to our clients in person or in marketing. We don’t engage in immoral lending; if our grandmother would think it was wrong, then it is. We aim to make lots of money ethically and we are proud of it. 
  5. No one is entitled to work at Xinja. It is a huge honour to represent people’s hopes of a new bank and we earn that honour every day. 
  6. We look after our people bloody well. We stand by them if they are in genuine need. 
  7. We are truthful and direct with each other. Everyone says what they think in a robust, challenging, edgy environment. That means we won’t be the right place for everyone to work, and that’s ok. 
  8. We only hire people better than us. We never, ever settle because we need a body. We do psychometric testing to get the best people, every time. 
  9. About half our team, executive and board will be female, if they aren’t we aren’t recruiting the best people. We actively seek all types of diversity combined with brilliance. 
  10. If you discriminate against someone because of who they love/sleep with, you’re a dickhead… Please see rule 1.

The Role

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for operationalising and implementing Xinja’s Business Plan. This role is responsible for reviewing and launching products that meet the objectives of the Business Plan while being compliant at all times. We expect the highest ethical standards, and have zero tolerance for deliberate compliance or ethical breaches.

Key ownership include

  • Xinja Customer Operations 
  • Xinja Banking operations inc Operational rigour
  • Xinja Fraud operations
  • Xinja Lending Operations
  • Xinja Credit Decisioning
  • Xinja Supplier management

This role is responsible for ensuring the highest levels of Xinja style customer service, delivered mostly through technology, but where necessary using outstanding customer service interventions.

This is a hands on role. It requires a manager who will be active in planning and execution. This is not a role for a feet on desk strategist or someone who needs an EA to deliver anything. Planning and execution are the core of this role.

Banking Executive Accountability Regime

This role is considered an Accountable Person position under the Commonwealth Government’s Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR). An accountable person must take reasonable steps, that are systemic in nature, in conducting responsibilities to prevent matters from arising that would adversely affect the prudential standing or reputation of Xinja.



  • The efficient and compliant operations of the Xinja product suite
  • Compliance accountability for all Xinja products.
  • Responsible Manager for ASIC and Responsible Person for APRA
  • Build the Xinja culture and promote by example the 10 golden rules
  • Build relationships and operating rhythms with Xinja partners
  • Be an outstanding people leader and mentor to all direct reports

Likely Experience and Skills

  • Experience in building a retail banking business from the ground up
  • Strong networks in the retail banking  lending industry
  • Experience in working with cutting edge banking technologies
  • Superior Communication Skills 
  • Highly motivated and goal-oriented with proven leadership qualities to mobilise a team
  • Ability to create and maintain positive business relationships
  • Have a strong understanding of all appropriate policies, procedures and processes that impact work activities across all aspects of retail banking.
  • Thorough knowledge of regulations and compliance issues;
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of business products and Xinjas’ value proposition;
  • Foster the delivery and adoption of new technologies
  • Research business opportunities and viable new income streams
  • Work with technical and operations team to meet customer needs in an exceptional Xinja fashion
  • Self-aware  team builder, collaborator and skilled at developing/coaching others
  • Ability to meet deadlines, make independent decisions and utilise sound judgement;
  • Report sales results to Xinja’s Executive Team and CEO speaking to successes and areas that require improvement; and
  • Demonstrate professionalism, courage and trustworthiness
  • Ability to interact with regulators.

Direct Reports:

  • Director Retail Banking
  • Head of Payments
  • Deposit Product Manager
  • Home Loan Product Manager
  • Payments Manager


  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Chief Risk Officer

Reports to:

  • CEO

If you’re up for this:

Please email your CV to ​[email protected]

And check out the hiring process we go thru here

Download the full job description here

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