Xinja Bank Account Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are effective 23 October 2020 – you can also view & download as a PDF here


Xinja Bank Limited ACN 618 937 054 (Xinja, we, us, our), holds Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and Australian Credit Licence number 501764 issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

These legal terms are for your Xinja Accounts (“Accounts”) and you agree to accept them by opening a Xinja Bank Account. It’s important that you read the terms and conditions carefully before deciding to open a Xinja Account.

It is made up of 13 sections:

  1. Summary of Xinja Accounts
  2. How to open Xinja Accounts
  3. Using your Xinja Accounts
  4. Debit Mastercard® related stuff
  5. Direct Debit stuff
  6. Pay Anyone stuff
  7. Fees and Charges
  8. Interest
  9. Closing Accounts
  10. Changes to these T&Cs
  11. Other important Information
  12. Liabilities
  13. Definitions

We will act reasonably when exercising our rights outlined in this document.

These terms and conditions are governed by New South Wales law. You should read this document along with our:

  • Xinja Financial Services Guide (FSG);
  • Xinja Electronic Access Terms and Conditions; and
  • Xinja Privacy Policy and Consent Information.

You can find a copy of these documents on our website at It is important that you read all of these documents carefully.  Ask us if you have any questions. This document contains general financial product advice only and has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Before opening a Xinja Account or acting on any of the information contained in this document, we recommend that you consider whether the Xinja Account is appropriate for you.

How to contact us 💬

You can contact us via chat through the Xinja App

  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Call Xinjarati on 1800 946 527 or +61 2 8598 8525 (if overseas)

Xinjarati are available during our Standard Business Hours.

How we’ll contact you 🤗

We’ll contact you via the Xinja App or through email or mobile. It’s important that you let us know if your details change so we can keep you informed of any changes to your Xinja Accounts.

Is it available now?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: Yes.  Please note, Xinja is not opening any new Stash accounts at the moment. Stash is likely to be open again for new accounts mid-year but this is being monitored ongoing.

What sort of account is it?

Bank Account: Everyday transactional bank account with a Xinja Debit Mastercard®
Stash: Savings account linked to your Xinja Bank Account

Who is eligible to apply?

Bank Account: Tax residents of Australia, 14 years and over, Individuals only.
Stash: Must have a Xinja Bank Account.

Is there a minimum opening balance?

Bank Account: No
Stash: No

Is there a minimum ongoing balance?

Bank Account: No
Stash: No

Is there a maximum balance?

The combined maximum balance between the Bank Account and Stash is $245,000 which includes any interest earned on Xinja Stash.

Are funds ‘at call’? 
This means you can access and withdraw your money at any time

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: Yes

How often will I receive a statement?

Bank Account: Half yearly (end of Jun / Dec)
Stash: Half yearly (end of Jun / Dec)

Does the account earn interest?

Bank Account: No
Stash: Yes

If so, how often is interest paid?

Bank Account: N/A
Stash: Calculated daily and paid monthly

Can I apply for an overdraft?

Bank Account: No
Stash: No

How can I access Xinja App (“App”)?

Bank Account:

  • Check balance & transactions
  • Make payments to an account with Xinja or another financial institution
  • Make internal transfers to Xinja Stash


  • Check balance & transactions
  • Make internal transfers to Xinja Bank Account

How can I access Xinja Debit Mastercard (“Debit Card”)

Bank Account: Cash withdrawals at any ATMs, in-store and online purchases in Australia and overseas where Mastercard is accepted
Stash: Debit Mastercard is unavailable with Xinja Stash

Can I deposit money in Cash or Cheque? 💰

Bank Account: No
Stash: No

Can I deposit money in Salary deposits?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: Yes

Can I deposit money in Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) from an account held with another financial institution?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: Yes

Can I make instant top up using another Australian debit card?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: No

Can I make Internal Transfers between your Xinja Accounts?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: Yes

Maximum single deposit size?

Bank Account: $245,000
Stash: $245,000

Can I Direct Debit?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: Yes

Can I pay anyone (“Send Money”)?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: No

Can I make Internal Transfers?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: Yes

Can I pay with BPAY?

Bank Account: Yes, planned for future release
Stash: No

Can I pay with New Payments Platform (NPP)?

Bank Account: Yes, planned for future release
Stash: Yes, planned for future release

Can I pay with Google Pay?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: No

Please refer to Google Pay Terms and Conditions for details.

Can I pay with Apple Pay?

Bank Account: Yes
Stash: No

Please refer to Apple Pay Terms and Conditions for details.

Can I make International Funds Transfers?

Bank Account: No
Stash: No

Can I apply for a Xinja Account?

You can apply for a Xinja Bank Account if you:

  • are an individual (no joint accounts, companies, businesses, partnerships or trusts, including self-managed superannuation funds) and are 14 years old or over;
  • are a tax resident of Australia;
  • have an email address and an Australian mobile phone number; and
  • have an Australian residential address.

You can open a Xinja Stash if you have a Xinja Bank Account.

How many Accounts can I open?

You can only open one Bank Account and will receive one Debit Mastercard and one Stash at the moment.

Will Xinja need to identify me when I open my first Xinja Bank Account?

Yes. We have to verify your identity to meet our Anti-Money Laundering obligations and to ensure the future security of your account. There are a number of ways we can do this. The identity verification method is explained in the Xinja App when you apply for a Xinja Bank Account. We may change our identification verifications requirements from time to time.

In addition, if you don’t provide Xinja with your Tax File Number (TFN) when you open a Stash, we will be required to charge withholding tax on interest earned on your Stash.  Refer to Section 11 of these terms and conditions for more information.

As a mobile only bank, the easiest way to access your Xinja Accounts is via the App. Of course, if you need to contact Xinjarati, you can reach us via chat, email or phone.

Is there a minimum balance?
There is no minimum on your Xinja Accounts.

You must keep enough money in your Xinja Accounts to cover your payments. Your payment instructions will fail if you don’t have enough money in your account. Internal transfers between your Xinja Accounts won’t work if it results in one of the accounts going into negative balance.

If one of your Accounts goes into a negative balance you must immediately top up the Account back to zero or a positive balance. If your Account remains in negative balance, we may combine your Xinja Accounts or take legal action.

Is there a maximum balance?
The maximum combined balance across your Xinja Accounts is $245,000 (including any interest earned on your Xinja Stash).  If a payment (such as the deposit of your salary) would push the total combined balance across your Xinja Accounts over $245,000, we will contact you so that you can tell us where to transfer the excess balance.

Can I authorise a third party to access and transact on Xinja Accounts on my behalf?
Currently we don’t have a facility to allow third parties such as your accountant or solicitor to access or transact on your Account on your behalf. Only you may use your Xinja Accounts.

Can Xinja stop me from using my Accounts?
Sometimes we may need to impose restrictions on your Xinja Accounts. There may be several reasons for this including for your own protection. In any case, we will try to contact you as soon as possible if we put any restrictions on your Account.

If we place a restriction on your Bank Account you will not be able to use your Debit Mastercard.

How do I get money into my Accounts?
You can arrange an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from another financial institution or arrange for your employer to deposit your salary directly into your Xinja Accounts using your BSB and Account number.

You can also instantly top up your Bank Account using a debit card issued by another financial institution in Australia.

We don’t accept:

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • International drafts, cheques or currency
  • Traveller’s cheques

How long does it take to receive money?
If you’re receiving money via EFT or salary deposit by your employer, and we receive cleared funds from another financial institution before 5pm (AEST), we’ll credit money to your Xinja Account on the next Business Day. But it may take up to 5 Business Days for Xinja to receive cleared funds.

If you’re topping up your Bank Account using another debit card, you will receive money into your Bank Account instantly. Instant top up has a minimum limit of $20 and a maximum limit of $2,000 per transaction.

What happens if money deposited to my Accounts is recalled by the other financial institution?
Sometimes money may be credited to your Xinja Account in error eg. the sender provides incorrect BSB or account number, and another financial institution requires the money to be returned. If this happens:

  • we’ll debit your Xinja Account for the amount deposited in error if there is enough money in your Account (or any other Xinja Account you hold) to cover the recalled amount
  • if there are insufficient funds in your Xinja Accounts to cover the recalled amount, you must immediately repay the recalled amount plus any associated fees incurred by Xinja.

We don’t accept liability for money credited to your Xinja Accounts in error by another financial institution.

How do I access money from my Bank Account?
You can access money from your Bank Account by:

  • using your Xinja Debit Mastercard (including via Apple Pay or Google Pay)
  • transferring money to another account held with Xinja or another financial institution. This is known as ‘Pay Anyone’ or (‘Send money”) in the App.
  • setting up a direct debit with another organisation (or “merchant”) to your Bank Account
  • transferring money from your Stash to your Bank Account
  • withdrawing money from an ATM using your Xinja Debit Mastercard

Please note that transactions or purchases you make from your Xinja Accounts are not always processed in the order in which you make them.

How do I access money from my Stash?
You can access money from your Stash by:

  • transferring money from a Stash to your Bank Account.
  • setting up a direct debit with another organisation (or “merchant” to your Stash.

What are the transaction limits for Pay Anyone (‘Send Money’) excluding transfers between your Accounts?

The limit is $20,000 per day. In exceptional circumstances, Xinja reserves the right to vary the daily transfer limit from time to time.

What are the transaction limits for Internal transfers between your Accounts?

Up to your available balance

What are the transaction limits for Direct debit?

Up to your available balance

What are the transaction limits for purchases using your Xinja Debit Mastercard?

Up to your available balance. In exceptional circumstances, Xinja reserves the right to make changes immediately to the daily limit allowed on purchases made on the Debit Mastercard from time to time.

What are the transaction limits for ATM withdrawals using your Xinja Debit Mastercard?

The limit is $2,000 per day

How long does it take to Send Money?

Transfers between Xinja Accounts (including transfers between an Account in your name and a Xinja Account in someone else’s name) are processed immediately.

We will process Pay Anyone instructions to transfer money to another financial institution as soon as possible but sometimes it can take up to 3 to 5 Business Days to clear.

If you’re making a purchase using your Debit Mastercard, money will be debited from your Account instantly reducing your available balance. Sometimes it can take up to 5 Business Days for the transaction to settle.

What is a Round-up?

The ‘Round-up’ feature lets you round up certain debit card transactions to the nearest $1 or $5. If you opt-in to the Round-up feature, you can select how much you want to round up ($1 or $5) and the ‘rounded up amount’ is automatically transferred from your Bank Account to your Stash.

You will have the option to opt-in to / out of the Round-up feature via the App any time. Subject to the ‘minimum balance requirements’ (see below), once you opt in to the Round up feature it will apply to all eligible transactions until you opt out of the feature. Your decision to opt-in or opt-out of the feature will take effect immediately. By opting-in to Round-up, you authorise us to debit your Bank Account and credit the ‘rounded up amount’ to your Stash.

What transactions are eligible for Round-up?

All transactions made via debit card, Apple Pay/Google Pay in store in Australia or Australian online merchants as soon as the purchase is made The Round-up feature is not available on overseas transactions and domestic and international ATM transactions.

If you opt into the Round-up feature, we will round up transactions that aren’t whole numbers and it includes cents. For example, if your morning coffee purchase was $3.50, we will round up the transaction to $4.00 and transfer $0.50 into your Stash. We will not round up payments made in whole dollars.

Is there a minimum balance required on the Bank Account to enable Round-up?

We won’t round up if your Bank Account balance falls below $10 after your debit card purchase.

How will Round-up transactions be displayed in the App?

The App will show the original purchase and the ‘rounded-up’ amount in the App. For example, for your coffee purchase for $3,50, you will see a debit transaction for $3.50 and a separate Round-up transaction for $0.50 in your Bank Account. ‘Rounded-up transactions’ will occur immediately after an eligible purchase has been made.

Xinja will not reverse ‘Rounded up amounts’ if a purchase transaction subject to the Round-up feature is refunded, reversed or lapsed.

Your Xinja Debit Mastercard is linked to your Xinja Bank Account.

How do I activate my Debit Mastercard?

You can activate your Debit Mastercard by entering 3 digit CVV printed on the back of the card via the App.

Also don’t forget to sign your card as soon as you receive it.

How do I set PIN?

You can set your 4 digit PIN via the App as soon as your Bank Account is open.

Try to memorise your PIN and you must not:

  • write your PIN on your Xinja Debit Mastercard
  • record your PIN near your Xinja Debit Mastercard
  • give your PIN to any other person (including your family and friends)
  • use a number that is easy to guess (like your date of birth, same 4 digits or consecutive numbers)

If you think someone else has access to your PIN, you must contact Xinjarati as soon as possible.

Failing to comply with any of these terms and conditions may result in you becoming liable for any Unauthorised Transactions that occur on your Debit Mastercard.

How do I use my Debit Mastercard?


Your Debit Mastercard can be used to purchase goods or services from merchants in Australia or overseas where Mastercard is accepted.

You can initiate a transaction by:

  • inserting your Debit Mastercard at a point of sale (POS) terminal, selecting the ‘credit’ or ‘debit Mastercard’ option and entering your PIN
  • tapping your Debit Mastercard on the POS terminal. You don’t need to enter your PIN if the transaction is less than AUD$200 (this amount could vary overseas).
  • providing your Debit Mastercard number, expiry date and sometimes CVC online or over the phone
  • inserting your card, selecting ‘credit’ and entering your PIN to withdraw cash at Australian or International ATMs.

Your daily limit on purchases is up to your available balance.

Xinja reserves the right at any time to impose a limit on the amount of daily purchases that can be made on the Debit Mastercard. We will only exercise this right in exceptional circumstances, and we will give as much notice as we can before the change takes effect.

ATM withdrawals

Your Debit Mastercard can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs in Australia or overseas where Mastercard is accepted.

You can withdraw up to $2,000 daily at any domestic and international ATMs where Mastercard is accepted. Some ATMs may have a withdrawal limit of less than $2,000.

PIN security

You must ensure that no one can see you entering your PIN when you’re using your Debit Mastercard. You must also ensure that your Debit Mastercard is kept safe at all times.

How do I cancel my Debit Mastercard?

You can cancel your Debit Mastercard at any time by contacting Xinjarati. If you no longer want to have a Xinja Debit Mastercard, you’ll also have to close your Xinja Bank Account linked to that card.

Can Xinja cancel my Debit Mastercard?

We may cancel your Debit Mastercard if we think there is a risk of loss to you or us. If we suspect any fraud, we don’t have to give you notice to cancel your Debit Mastercard. We may also cancel your Debit Mastercard at any time by giving you 30 days notice.

What happens if my Debit Mastercard is cancelled?

If your Debit Mastercard is cancelled, you must destroy the card and cancel any recurring payment requests. You will remain liable for

  • any use of the card number for mail, online or phone transactions
  • any Unauthorised Transactions that occur until you take reasonable steps to destroy the card
  • any ongoing payments debited to your account until you take reasonable steps to cancel the payment instruction

What do I do if my Debit Mastercard is lost or stolen?

If you lose your Debit Mastercard, you must first lock your card via the App and contact Xinjarati as soon as possible. If we’re not available (eg. because you are calling us outside our Standard Business Hours), you should take reasonable steps to contact us as soon as Xinjarati are available.

You may be liable for any transactions made using a lost or stolen Debit Mastercard if you fail to take reasonable steps to advise us that your card has been lost or stolen.

What are my responsibilities around the Debit Mastercard?

You must ensure that no one can see you entering your PIN when you’re using your Debit Mastercard and ensure that your card is kept safe at all times.

You must destroy Xinja Debit Mastercard when:

  • your card is expired
  • your card is cancelled by you or us
  • your Bank Account is closed (your Debit Mastercard will be automatically cancelled)
  • we ask you to do so

Can I use my Debit Mastercard overseas? 🌎

You sure can! You can use your Debit Mastercard overseas for purchases and cash withdrawals at any merchants and international ATMs that accept Mastercard. To access money from your Xinja Bank Account using your Debit Mastercard at an overseas ATM, select the ‘credit’ option.

For fees associated with international transactions, please read the fees and charges section in these T&Cs

What exchange rate applies to international transactions made on my Debit Mastercard?

We use Mastercard’s standard daily foreign exchange rates (that are set by Mastercard). You can check the latest rate at:

How do I dispute transactions on my Debit Mastercard?

If you believe that a transaction on your Debit Mastercard was made in error, you should contact Xinjarati as soon as possible. Disputes can be made only within 30 days from the settled transaction date as recorded in the App or Statements. We may be able to charge a disputed transaction back to the merchant (“Chargeback”). If a Chargeback right is available, you must:

  • request that Xinja claim this right
  • provide us with the information we require to claim this Chargeback within 30 days of the settled transaction date.

If you fail to do this, the Chargeback right and your right to dispute the transaction may be lost.

What are pending transactions?

For some transactions that you make using your Debit Mastercard, a merchant may ask Xinja for a transaction authorisation. If approved, this will reduce the available balance in your Xinja Bank Account. If the purchase doesn’t proceed, it may take up to six Business Days for the hold on the funds in your Xinja Bank Account to be lifted.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is an extra level of security that we provide for online Debit Mastercard transactions in order to safeguard against fraud and protect you from Unauthorised Transactions. 3D Secure is provided through the ‘Mastercard SecureCode’.

When you make a payment online, a box will pop up advising you that we need additional verification on the transaction. You will be asked to enter a one-time verification code which will be sent to your mobile. Your transactions will be processed after we verify the code. Transactions that have been verified by Mastercard 3D Secure can’t be reversed.

Direct Debits are available on both your Xinja Bank Account and Stash Account.

How do I arrange a Direct Debit Request?

You can establish a Direct Debit Request with any merchant that you make regular payments to provided they participate in the direct debit scheme. The merchant setting up the direct debit will provide you with their terms and conditions.

What are my responsibilities?

If you set up a Direct Debit with a merchant, you must ensure that there is enough money in your Xinja Bank Account to cover the regular payments.

In the event that there are insufficient funds on your account when a payment is due to be withdrawn, we may still allow a Direct Debit payment to be processed which may bring your account into an overdrawn balance. Xinja is not obligated to honour these transactions, and we may change the amount we allow you to overdraw from Direct Debits, or we may remove this feature at any time.

If your Direct Debits are dishonoured due to an insufficient balance on your account, the merchants won’t be able to initiate a direct debit from your account under their Direct Debit Request agreement and they may charge you a fee for each dishonour in accordance with the terms of their agreement.

How do I cancel Direct Debits?

You can cancel any Direct Debit Requests by contacting either the merchant or Xinja. You may notify both Xinja and the merchant so that you can be sure that direct debits are cancelled and your Bank Account doesn’t continue to be debited.

What happens if I think a Direct Debit made by a merchant has been made in error?

If you believe a direct debit initiated by a merchant is incorrect you should contact the merchant in the first instance to resolve the issue. You can also contact Xinja for help but we won’t be liable to compensate you for the merchant’s error.

‘Send Money’ is available from your Xinja Bank Account.

How do I make a Pay Anyone payment?

You can initiate a Pay Anyone payment from your Bank Account via the App using the ‘Send Money’ feature. To make a Pay Anyone payment, you must provide us with:

  • the name of the account you wish to transfer funds to
  • the account BSB and account number
  • a reference for the transfer

What happens if I make an error in the bank account details I provide?

Xinja will not be liable for any payment made in error as a result of you providing us with the incorrect details of the transferee or for any delays in the transfer being made available to the recipient as a result of an error caused by the institution with whom the payee’s account is held.

What are the account opening fees?


What are the ongoing account keeping?


What are the overdrawn fees?


What are the direct debit dishonour fees?


What are the domestic ATM withdrawal fees?

Nil. Please note the ATM provider may charge a fee

What are the international ATM withdrawal fees?

Nil. Please note the ATM provider may charge a fee.

What are the international transaction fees?


What are the card replacement fees?

One free replacement every calendar year. $10 per card thereafter. If you need the card urgently (within 48 hours), there is a $30 fee to cover the cost of our courier service.

What are the disputes and chargebacks fees?

$10 per case can be charged at our discretion

What are the transaction investigation fees?

$15 per investigation can be charged at our discretion

There are currently no government fees or charges associated with your Xinja Accounts.  We will let you know if the government introduces any fees and charges applicable to your Account in the future.

Do I earn interest on my Xinja Accounts?

Interest is not paid on your Xinja Bank Account.

We will pay a tiered variable interest rate on credit balances in your Xinja Stash.

This means that there may be a different interest rate applicable to different portions of your Stash balance. For example, if interest rates are tiered as follows:

Credit balances of up to $50,000
X% pa

Credit balances of more than $50,000 up to $150,000
Y% pa

Credit balances of more than $150,000
Z% pa

If you deposit $75,000 into your Xinja Stash you will earn X%pa on the first $50,000 and Y%pa on balances on the remaining $25,000.

NOTE that the interest rates and tiers above are an example only. You can find the actual details of the current interest rate applicable to different balances on your Stash on the Xinja website or in the App. We will also print the applicable interest rates in your statements of account.

The interest rate forms part of these Terms and Conditions. Interest is calculated daily (on the balance of your Stash at 12:00am (midnight) and credited to your Stash monthly in arrears on the first day of the following month. Xinja will calculate the daily interest rate by dividing the annual interest rate by 365 (even in a leap year). Interest paid for the month is inclusive of the 1st day of the month, and exclusive of the last day of the month. Therefore, if you make a transfer to your stash on the last day of the month, the first time interest will be credited to your Stash for that amount will not be the first day of the next month (the next day) but the first day of the month after that (for example, if you make a deposit to your Stash on Sunday, 31 October, you will receive your first interest payment on that deposit on Monday, 1st December).

How do I close my Accounts?

You can close your Xinja Accounts at any time except when your account has a negative balance or if there are pending transactions. In this instance, you must top up your Account to a zero before you can close the Account. We may withhold enough money to cover any pending transactions. If you close your Xinja Bank Account your Debit Mastercard will automatically be cancelled. If you have a Stash, your Stash will also need to be closed if you close your Bank Account.

Can Xinja close my Accounts?

We may close one or more of your Xinja Accounts if they are deemed to not be used within our terms of use. In such cases, we are not required to notify you prior to this and may close one or more of your Xinja Accounts without warning.

“Dormant” Accounts

We may close one or more of your Xinja Accounts if there have been no transactions on the Account for at least 12 months. This excludes any transactions initiated by us, for example interest payments or fee transactions.

In this case, we may write to you asking if you want to keep your Account open. If you don’t respond, we will treat your Account as ‘dormant’ and we may stop paying interest if the Account is a Stash. If your Account remains ‘dormant’ for 7 years, we are required by law to transfer any balance exceeding $500 to the Australian government as ‘unclaimed money’.

Xinja may close your Stash, acting reasonably, by giving you at least 7 days prior notice via email, SMS or push notifications. If there is a balance, we will pay you the balance along with any accrued interest to your Bank Account.

Xinja may close your Bank Account, acting reasonably by giving you at least 14 days prior notice via email, SMS or push notification. If we close your Bank Account, we will also close your Stash. If there is a balance, we will pay you the balance to your nominated account with another financial institution.

What happens when my Xinja Bank Account is closed?

If you close your Bank Account, you will no longer be able to access your Account via the App or use your Debit Mastercard.

We will transfer any balance to the bank account of your choice. If any of your Accounts have a negative balance at the time that it is closed, you must pay us the balance due plus any interest and fees.

What happens if Xinja temporarily blocks my Xinja Accounts?

If we block access to your Xinja Accounts at any time, we may also block your Debit Mastercard and you won’t be able to use your card until you contact us to unblock your Account.

How will I know if Xinja makes changes to these Terms and Conditions?

We may make changes to these Terms and Conditions by notifying you in one of the following ways:

  • email to the last email address you have given us, or
  • SMS to the last mobile number you have given us,

In addition, we may send push notifications if you have opted-in to receive them.

How much notice of any changes will Xinja give me?

We will give you at least 30 days notice of:

  • the introduction of a new fee or charge including a government charge
  • any increase in an existing fee or charge
  • the changes to the way we calculate and pay interest
  • the changes that increase your liability for losses relating to any transactions on your Account
  • the introduction, removal or change to any transaction limits on:
    • your Accounts eg. daily Pay Anyone limits, or
    • electronic equipment eg. ATM withdrawal limits (value and number)

If we make any other changes to these Terms and Conditions not described above, we will give as much notice as we can before the change takes effect.

From time to time, we may need to make changes immediately (without notice to you) in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations, but we will always give at least the notice period prescribed by any applicable legislation or industry codes.

Where a change is immaterial or doesn’t have a negative impact on you, we may not give advance notice of the change.

When will I receive statements and other communications about my account?

Statements will be made available via the Xinja App every 6 months, following the end of June and end of December each year. All electronic statements are available via the App and we don’t provide hard copies of statements unless if we are required to do so by law or are unable to provide electronic statements for any reason.

You should check your statement as soon as you receive them and let us know immediately if you think there are any Unauthorised Transactions or errors.

Can Xinja combine or offset my Xinja Accounts?

If you owe us any money, we have the right to combine, set off or otherwise apply the whole or any part of any one of your Xinja Accounts towards paying off the amount you owe us. We may do this without prior notice, but we will notify you as soon as possible after we do this.

How do I make a complaint? 😔

If you have a concern about your Xinja Accounts, please contact Xinjarati by:

  1. Telephoning us on – 1800 946 527 or +61 2 8598 8525 (if overseas) during our Standard Business Hours; or
  2. Emailing us on – [email protected].

We will forward your complaint to our Chief Operating Officer who will acknowledge receipt of it in writing and provide an estimate of the time it will take to investigate the circumstances. The Chief Operating Officer will then investigate your concerns and contact you if further information is required. Following our investigation, the Chief Operating Officer will provide you with a written response.

Xinja hopes that we will be able to resolve any of your concerns, however, if we are unable to resolve your concerns to your satisfaction, you may choose to lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). The contact details for AFCA are:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority
GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001

Ph: 1800 931 678
Email: [email protected]

AFCA will investigate the complaint and make a determination. This is a free service for you.

What about my privacy?

Xinja is committed to keeping your personal information safe.

The Xinja Privacy Policy and Consent Information sets out the ways that Xinja will collect, use and disclose the personal information that you have provided to us.

A copy of the Xinja Privacy Policy and Consent Information is available via Xinja website ( or you can contact Xinjarati for a copy.

What is anti-money laundering / counter terrorism financing?

Xinja is a bank and we’re obligated to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing Act (AML / CTF Act). Therefore before we can open a Xinja Bank Account for you we must verify your identity. We may also block, delay, freeze or refuse transactions if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that the transaction may:

  1. breach a sanction or law of Australia or another country; or
  2. directly or indirectly involve the proceeds of crime.

If a transaction is blocked or frozen, we won’t be liable for any loss that you may suffer including consequential loss.

If we require additional information about any transaction, you must provide us with the information that we request. You agree that where Xinja is legally obliged to do so, we may disclose the information to regulators, law enforcement agencies, other financial institutions and other third parties.

You declare and agree that when we process your transactions in accordance with your payment instructions, you will not breach any law or regulation in Australia or any other country and you indemnify Xinja against any potential losses which arise as a result of your instructions.

Does the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme apply to my Account?

You may be entitled to payment under the Australian Government’s Financial Claims Scheme. Payments under the Financial Claims Scheme are subject to a limit for each depositor. Information about the Financial Claims Scheme can be obtained from or the APRA hotline on 1300 13 10 60.

When do I provide my tax information?

You must declare your tax residency when opening a new account and/or when we request it. This includes the status of your foreign tax residency.

What is a TIN?

TIN stands for Tax Identification Number. If you are a tax resident of another country, you will be asked for your TIN issued to you in that country, if you have one. TIN is an international term which may have a different name in some countries.

I’m a tax resident of Australia, do I need to provide my Tax File Number (TFN)?

We are authorised to collect your TFN, and its use and disclosure is regulated, by tax laws and the Privacy Act. You’re not obliged to provide us with your TFN. However, if you don’t provide your TFN or provide a TFN exemption, we are required to withhold tax at the highest marginal tax rate plus the Medicare Levy from any interest that you earn on a Stash. The amount we withhold will be paid to the ATO.

You can provide us with your TFN when you open your Stash or at any other time.

We are required to report the details of any interest income earned, withholding tax deducted and TFNs quoted to the Australian Taxation Office.

Where can I find more information?

If you need more information:

For further information on FATCA: Visit the IRS web site and search for FATCA

For further information on CRS: Visit the OECD or ATO web sites and search for CRS

Info on TINs: Visit the OECD web page on TINs

What are my liabilities for Unauthorised Transactions?

You are liable for all losses and liabilities arising from Unauthorised Transactions where we can prove that it’s likely that you contributed to losses or liabilities as a result of:

  • fraud or failing to comply with Xinja’s security requirements
  • you unreasonably delayed to notify us that your Passcode has been compromised or breached

If a loss or liability arises as a result of your unreasonable delay in notifying us of an actual or potential breach of your Passcode safety, you will be liable for the full amount of any losses that occur between the time you became aware of the breach and the time that you notified us. You WON’T be liable for any part of the loss that:

  • exceeds any daily transaction limit on any one day that applies to your Xinja Accounts;
  • arises during a period which exceeds any other periodic transaction limit that is applicable; or
  • which exceeds the actual balance of the relevant Xinja Account.

If it’s not clear whether you have contributed to the loss caused by an Unauthorised Transaction that required your Passcode, then your liability is limited to the lesser of:

  • $150;
  • the balance of the Xinja Accounts from which the Unauthorised Transaction was made; or
  • the actual loss at the time you notify Xinja that your Passcode had been breached.

You are not liable for losses incurred by you as a result of:

  • fraudulent or negligent conduct of any person other than you (NOTE – this means that you WILL be liable if the loss or liability was contributed to or caused by your fraud or negligence and the limit on your liability outlined above WILL NOT apply.
  • your Passcode is forged by another person or is faulty
  • transactions which required the use of your Passcode but occurred before you set up your Passcode
  • a transaction being incorrectly debited more than once to the same Xinja Account
  • Unauthorised Transactions occurring after you have notified Xinja that your Passcode has been breached
  • Unauthorised Transactions where it’s clear that you didn’t contribute to the losses.

What are Xinja’s liabilities?

We are responsible for losses and liabilities that are caused by failure of our system to complete a transaction, after being accepted in accordance with your instructions.

However, if, in our reasonable opinion, you should have been aware that our system was unavailable for use or malfunctioning, our responsibilities will be limited to correcting errors in your Xinja Account and refunding any charges or fees imposed as a result.

We are not liable for any losses or liabilities caused by the failure of our system where our system hadn’t accepted your payment or transaction instructions.

Android Device means a mobile device including a smartphone or tablet device running 7.0 (Nougat) or higher.

App Password means the 6 digit code set by you that is used to access your Xinja App.

Apple Device means a ‘compatible mobile device’ manufactured by Apple Pty Limited ABN 46 002 510 054 (or its related bodies corporate) including iPhones or iPads (models include iPhone SE and iPhone 6 or later).

Business Day means a day the banks are open for business in Sydney which is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday.

Direct Debit Request means an authorisation that you provide to a merchant authorising that them to debit your Xinja Bank Account for regular payments.

Passcode means any code used to access your Xinja Accounts and includes your PIN, your App Password, any ‘one off code’ sent to your mobile phone number to verify a transaction and the code or biometric identifier for your Android Device or Apple Device.

Pay Anyone (called ‘Send Money’ on the App) means a payment facility that enables you to send money to a bank account held with any other Australian financial institution.

PIN means a 4 digit Personal Identification Number used to access your money using the Xinja Debit Mastercard.

Send Money means a Pay Anyone transaction.

Standard Business Hours 8.00am – 8.00pm (Sydney time), five days a week (except on Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Years Day).

Terms and Conditions (or T&Cs) means these terms and conditions applicable to Xinja Accounts as amended from time to time.

Unauthorised Transaction means a transaction which appears to Xinja as being authorised by you but which you did not in fact authorise.

Xinja means Xinja Bank Limited ACN 618 937 054 AFSL 501764 and its related bodies corporate.

Xinja App means the mobile app used to access your Xinja Accounts.

Xinja Bank Account (or Bank Account) means a transactional bank account offered by Xinja.

Xinja Debit Mastercard (or Debit Mastercard) means the card issued by Xinja which is linked to your Xinja Bank Account.

Xinja Account means any personal bank account offered by Xinja and includes a Xinja Bank Account and a Xinja Stash.

Xinja Stash (or Stash) means a savings account opened with Xinja.

Xinjarati means our customer support team.

Mastercard® is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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